Buying a sofa can usually prove a challenge, what with a variety of colours, styles, options, brands, and features. With an overwhelming amount of information available to you during research, we understand your confusion. So, here is our ultimate guide to buying sofas!

Measure room space

While buying a sofa, the first thing you need to do is measure the room space where your sofa will reside as you don’t want it to take up the whole room. Since every type of sofa measures differently, decide on what kind of sofa you want in your room.

Buying A Sofa

Two-Seater Sofa

A love seat or a two-seater will definitely cosy up your movie night. A two-seater sofa is comfortable, with enough seating and leg space available. This type of sofa is perfect for small or medium space houses, as it saves a lot of room for other furniture or for airy spaces.

Two Seater Sofa

Recliner Sofa

A perfect way to spend your time reading while enjoying your leisure time is to sit in an impeccably comfortable recliner chair or sofa. A recliner that is fitted with a rocking mechanism to soothe you just when you need it, is the right recliner for you.

Recliner Sofas

Sectional Sofas

An L shaped sofa is set on sturdy legs with a wooden finish, which adapts to compact spaces to give you the best options for seating your family and friends. Pick and choose between modules or select individual pieces that will define your living rooms.

Sectional Sofas Online

With even more options available on, pick a model you like and once you get an idea about the size, measure the room accordingly.

Pick The Right Elements:-

Buying a sofa means picking a colour, fabric, material and upholstery that complements your room’s look and feel. Always do your research before picking the elements of your sofa, make sure it is durable and in line with the look of your house.

Sofas Online


A leather sofa usually has a very long life, as leather is a much stronger material than cloth fabric. Leather, unlike fabric, is incredibly stain resistant, which is a plus point if you have kids.

Leather Sofas


A fabric-based sofa always has an innumerable variety of colours and patterns available. A fabric sofa is a perfect choice if you want your house to look inviting and cosy. Also, fabric sofas are best when they are made of cotton and linen.

Fabric Sofas

Nappa Aire Leather

Nappa aire leather is a leather that is generally known for its softness. A Nappa Aire Leather sofa will add the richness and brightness to your room.

Nappa Aire Leather Sofa

At Durian Furniture, we have fabric, leather and more options available for you. So come knocking!

Choose A Style:-

Just like clothes, sofas come in different styles. Make sure you pick a sofa that looks aesthetic and goes well with the look of your house.’

3 Seater Sofas


Comfort is simplified with this one. A modern look sofa that has a fabric upholstery with soft cushioning makes it a comfortable seat to come home to after a long day at the office. You should definitely go for it for a little rejuvenation every day.

Modern Sofa


A contemporary fabric sofa provides absolute versatility, style and comfort. A sofa that adds finesse to your living room is a sofa you want.

Contemporary Fabric Sofa

Vintage and Imperial

If you want a rustic and unique look with abundant comfort for your room, Vintage sofas are the way to go.

Vintage Sofas At Durian

Vintage or leatherette, you will find the best look for your room only at The last point in our Ultimate Guide to buying sofas is to visit your nearest Durian stores or visit to buy luxuriously comfortable sofas!