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Durian artisans featuring veneer craftsmanship

Celebrating Craftsmanship, That Cares For Tomorrow

A celebration of craftsmanship that values environmental stewardship, offering beauty, durability, and a commitment to a greener future.

3min read
Jun 6, 2024
Durian Furniture Perry Sofa

Trends in Modern Sofa Sets in 2024: Embracing Style and Sustainability

This blog has explored the top trends in modern sofa sets, and we hope you can take advantage of these ideas to create your own unique living space.

6min read
Mar 20, 2024
Sustainable furniture aka sustainable future blog

Sustainable Furniture AKA Sustainable Future

When it comes to furniture, most people prefer to choose solid wood. The reason is the strength, unique texture, timeless beauty, and most importantly a connection with nature that stays with you for generations. But unfortunately, the high demand for wooden furniture is contributing to increasing carbon footprints.  It’s therefore important to give back to […]

2min read
May 30, 2022
Learn How to Design an Eco-friendly Office With Few Easy Steps – Durian

Learn How to Design an Eco-friendly Office With Few Easy Steps – Durian

Offices are spaces that consume a lot of energy. With Sustainability becoming a serious goal to meet, what can you do to include eco-friendliness into the very design and make-up of your office? Let’s turn to a few ideas that can earn you and your brand the good karma of being sustainable and eco-friendly while […]

3min read
Dec 3, 2021
Build the India by buying Swadeshi products

Buy Indian, Buy Swadeshi Initiative – A Call by Durian

While the Make in India initiative has seen considerable interest and activity, both domestic and international, it can be immensely helped by another initiative – Buy Indian, Buy Swadeshi. Durian Industries Pvt Ltd takes the initiative to invite businesses in India and the international community – manufacturers, businesses, brands – to buy from India. The […]

3min read
Oct 9, 2020

Which Wood Is the Best for Your Door Frame and Why?

Buying a door is exciting. You get to see different materials, colours, styles, and textures, and choose from many options across all these categories. Buying a door frame, on the other hand, is a very technical decision. You need to know several details in order to finalize what to choose. This blog will familiarize you […]

3min read
May 20, 2020