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CEOs guiding Their Creative Teams for Best Results

How CEOs Can Brief Their Creative Teams for Best Results

Every CEO has got to deal with creative people in the team, especially designers, copywriters, or even UX experts. These team members are a crucial part of the team because their work directly affects the product and/or the communication going to the important stakeholders like consumers. Every CEO also knows that getting the best work […]

4min read
May 28, 2021
couple getting married

5 Perfect Wedding Gift Ideas You Can Bless a New Couple With

The wedding season is upon us. And as always, you need to plan ahead so that you can get hold of the perfect wedding gift for a couple that’s excited about their new life together. We are here to help you think in advance so that you can avoid the guilt of “fixing” a gift […]

4min read
May 29, 2021
Learn How To Choose Direction Of Your Door According To Vastu Shastra

Learn How To Choose Direction Of Your Door According To Vastu Shastra

Vastu shastra is the ancient wisdom of harnessing the energy of the universe to attract positive vibes in your personal space. Let us look at how its principles can help you make a good decision when it comes to finalising the direction of the door for your home. In the 5.4 million doors we’ve installed […]

3min read
Sep 22, 2021
5 Amazing Web Series on Home Decor You Must Slow-Watch Right Now

5 Amazing Web Series on Home Decor You Must Slow-Watch Right Now

Just as you upgrade yourself by learning better time management, or by giving yourself a makeover, your home too needs your attention. In recent times, you may have found yourself spending a lot of time at home. Let’s help you take a look at it more closely so that you can find inspiration for all […]

4min read
Jun 11, 2021
A group of people working together as a team in an office

4 Work Pressure Management Tips for Leaders

Work pressure ails everyone, especially managers, team leaders, organisation leaders and everybody else at the CXO level because these leaders have to manage everybody else’s work apart from theirs. In this blog, we look at how leaders can manage work pressure well so that organisations benefit from it by using it in a healthy manner. […]

4min read
Jun 17, 2021
Premium Sofa set enhances the beauty of the living room

Durian: The Legacy of an Expanding Furniture Brand

A respected brand has its roots deep in history. For Durian, the origin goes back to the Birla’s in British empire with Mr L.N. Dokania made his presence felt in the plywood business scenario of that time. Cut to 1985, when Sajjan Dokania decided to tap into the expanding market for premium, customized furniture by […]

5min read
Sep 9, 2020
Why durian products are best in the market becuase it is durability tested

Why Durian Sofas are the best in the market

A fun-filled gathering at home, guests all around and suddenly you hear a creaky sound from your one-year-old sofa. Such a disaster, isn’t it? Do you know why that happened? Because everything that glitters is not gold, that is, just buying a sofa that looks good isn’t enough. You need to make a purchase after […]

4min read
Oct 7, 2020

A Quick Look at Our New Process of Delivering to You

We’ve adapted ourselves to the new normal at every stage of interacting with you: from interaction in the showroom to delivering your choice of products to you. In our previous blogs on vehicle hygiene and pre-delivery interaction, we explained our new protocols in place. This blog will familiarize you with the new process we’ve adopted […]

2min read
Aug 22, 2020
Why Durian Is the Most Trusted Choice for Furniture

Why Durian Is the Most Trusted Choice for Furniture

Durian is an idea about home. Home is where the heart is- one of the best ways to express not the word but the feeling called ‘home’. A place which oozes comfort. A space of your own, created by you, and designed as per your taste. One of our basic necessities, built and set up […]

5min read
Jun 9, 2020
A man is frustrated of work

10 Tips That Will Help You Become More Productive

Now that people are working from home, they’re finding it all the more difficult to manage their time. Because the boundaries between work time and family time or personal time are shrinking. If you’ve been facing the same problem, it’s even more important for you to be more productive so that you can enjoy some […]

5min read
Aug 20, 2020