Durian’s project level work in terms of furnishing offices of organisations of all sizes is known for 5 things:

1.     Ingenuity in utilising resources like floor layout and space optimally

2.     Creativity in aesthetics

3.     Ergonomic design

4.   Accommodation and blending of various kinds of requirements while maintaining office vision and brand identity

5.     Commitment to quickest delivery possible.

It is with evidence for these 5 promises that we got to work with ISRO. Held in high esteem in India and across the world, this organization is one of the top  government agencies in India. It is directly overseen by the top figures in the  government and is the primary agency to perform tasks in its specific domain. It is renowned all over the world for its accomplishments and is one of the foremost agencies in the entire world.


The organisation wanted to refresh its existing workspace design and facilities.  The organisational leaders wanted ideal furnishing for their office in order to create a space that would secure a close collaboration between departments without obstructing each other’s work.

Since it is a huge organisation, there was no single brief or a centralised requirement. Each department had its unique demands because each was structured differently. The variety of demands presented us with a challenge. After gaining a thorough understanding of their requirements, we began our process of identifying suitable office infrastructure designs that best suited their needs.


We were delighted to be chosen to supply and install the furniture and excited to select the perfect products for the job. With a perfect mixture of simple and modern elements, we were able to design a valuable space that reflected the character of the organization.

We provided products such as conference tables, director’s desk, centre tables, office chairs, and more. The conference tables, director’s desk, and centre tables suggested by us were ideal for maintaining a harmony between collaboration and privacy.

With our office ideas, we were able to create a space for them that was adaptable to various different needs. The leather sofas and office chairs provided were ergonomically designed and hence ensured the team’s well-being and satisfaction.

Thus, we were not only able to provide the products that best suited the client’s needs but also ensured that the overall space planning was elevated.