A Jamshedpur based textile company with 100-120 working employees approached Durian for office chairs. Due to the pandemic, this company too shut its office and was forced to work from home. While they let the employees continue working from home at least until November, they needed to ensure that their employees stayed comfortable just as they used to be in office.

As we processed their needs, we made a note of how many chairs they needed. We needed to know if they were looking for a solution for the short term, as a temporary fix. The other factors involved were the budget and the location for the delivery of the product.

We found out that the company was willing to invest for the long term to ensure good health and comfort of its employees. Since we knew that they were looking for chairs that were durable and contributing to good health, we recommended our ergonomic collection to them.

  Erogonamic chairs posture

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Within our collection, two specific chairs – Artline and Define – were particularly suited to their requirement. Both the chairs stood out to meet their needs:

● Mesh back

● Lumbar support

● Synchro single locking mechanism

● Adjustable armrest (up and down)

● Adjustable headrest (up and down)

● Chrome base with smooth nylon castors

● BIFMA certification

The company was delighted to see so many options in ergonomic chairs made by Durian. Moreover, the identified chairs fit well into their budget while satisfying their pain area.

They were familiar with Durian’s credibility and legacy already. They had previously purchased furniture from Durian and had the confidence that they would find the right solutions with us. They were thus able to take faster decision. Eventually, the right chairs reached all their 100-150 employees in time so that the daily affairs of the company weren’t affected because of the lockdown.