Doors are grand surfaces. These are used to establish the look and feel of the decor of your home. In the case of exterior doors, they make a statement about your taste and lifestyle. In the case of interior doors, they blend with the colour and texture you have fashioned for your home.
There are beautiful designs that keep emerging every season to appeal to people with different kinds of expectations. This time, we bring to you 5 unconventional designs for your modular doors that make your entryway and interiors stand out.
1. Hurst: It’s a refreshing move away from the dark, chocolate brown doors you’d normally see around you.

Image of a Chesswood Veneer Door

2. Castell: Here’s an exotic piece that brings together neat, fine detailing with imagination going beyond the predetermined shapes.


3. Freeman: Here’s a beautiful door crafted as the shape of a tree for you. This veneer mimics the look and beauty of a tree – a grand structure sheltering your home. The result is a door that gives your door an exotic, rustic touch.

Image of Live Tree veneer Door

4. Pierce: It’s the Sun motif but packed a lot more tightly with an ingenious sense of geometry. The design is mesmerising.

Brown colored door designed with a pali santos veneer

5. Fenton: Simple and attractive, this door is marked by a neatness hard to find in otherwise crowded designs.


That’s just a quick glimpse into our new range of doors. For more designs and inspiration for your door, you must get in touch with us.

Apart from aesthetics, Durian doors come with wow factors you won’t find elsewhere. Ours are modular doors – which means that you don’t have to make space at your home for all the masonry work.

All you’ve got to do is to select the design and customise accessories for your door and we’ll just 70 minutes of your time to deliver and install your door. You also get a 10 year warranty you won’t find elsewhere – especially while buying a door from the local markets.
So did you see a design you want to know more about? Or are you looking for greater variety? Get in touch with us – we’ll recommend an ideal piece for you.