Door keep you safe and give you privacy. If the exterior doors or the bathroom doors expand or become swollen, it gets very annoying, to say the least, and unsafe. Here’s what you should know if you have a swollen door at home.

Causes of Swelling of Doors

Doors made of solid wood naturally expand and contract due to changes in the temperature.

6 common reasons why doors swell : 

  1.        Age and usage of the door
  2.       Humid weather conditions or exposure to moisture
  3.       Use of low quality raw materials in construction of the door
  4.        Insufficient polish on the surface of the door
  5.        Misalignment of door frames during installation of the door
  6.        Hanging or loose hinges of the door

While swelling caused by regular changes in weather do get reversed with the change in season, too much swelling can’t bring a door back to normal shape.

You must examine the extent of damage and cause of the swelling to the door. Accordingly, you can consider a few options to address the swelling.

Solutions to Address the Swelling of Doors

Increase in temperature can cause the moisture to evaporate and bring the door back to its normal shape. If the swelling is minimal, you’ll be able to fix it easily by bringing a heat source close to the surface of the door.

1.  Air Drying

For minor swelling, you can use any of the following to fix the door:

·  Hair dryer

·  Heat gun

·  Rotating fan

Allow the door to dry after you’ve brought a hair dryer or heat gun or rotating fan closer to the surface.

2 door room entrance

2. Sanding

You can also use some sandpaper or sander to get the door sanded and absorb the moisture from the door.

You may need to hire a mason or a carpenter to do this.

3. Sealing/Painting/Polishing

After air drying or sanding, or in the early stages of swelling, you must use some paint or polish to seal the surface of the door well.

Swelling occurs when the protective layer on the surface is insufficient. You must ensure that you apply a fresh coat of polish or paint on the door so that the wood is protected from further damage.

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4. Replacing the Door

In cases of excessive damage, there is no option except replacement of doors. You need another door that is made from well-seasoned wood so that you don’t face the same problem again. Durian can help you here.

Preventing Swelling of the Door with Durian

As they say, prevention is better than cure. Invest in the correctly seasoned door.

Experts at Durian know how to select the right wood, and make it go through the right process of seasoning. Because natural drying or seasoning can take really long, we follow the kiln-drying method for seasoning in which a piece of wood is exposed to air speed, temperature, and humidity. With the use of only premium quality materials, Durian doors stand safe and secure. That’s why we offer a 10 year warranty on our doors.

Have you been facing the problem of a swollen door? Talk to our expert today to get an opinion.