A quality office desk goes a long way in determining your productivity and comfort while working. So, it’s important to consider all aspects before making an investment in the ideal office desk. In an age where people are working from anywhere, it’s essential that office spaces provide the much-needed ergonomic comfort and style that enhances one’s productivity and ability to pull off long working hours when at office.

Let’s look at the 5 most essential tips to consider while choosing the right office desk:

  • Size

The size of your office desk matters a lot with the available space and the number of items that you need to place on it. It needs to be spacious and clean so that you don’t feel uncomfortable with the sight of a cramped desk.

The size should not be very huge or very small. If there’s a file cabinet or trash cans, there should be sufficient space to accommodate everything

It should not be a hindrance to working by being too small either. The ideal size is gauged taking into consideration the space available around the desk.

  • Height 

The height of your desk should be considered keeping in mind your height and the eye level for your laptop/desktop. The height will also be decided keeping in mind the total available space around the desk.

However, an adjustable chair will help you to take care of the height issues but it’s always recommended to be mindful about the height of the office desk.

As per the Cornell University Ergonomics Web, the ideal desk height for most office workers is 28 to 30 inches.

  • Ergonomic design

A healthy posture is of prime importance as we end up working long hours at a stretch. So ensure that the office desk has an ergonomic design. Minor adjustments to your desk space can prevent muscle strain and back pain. 

Ensure that the structure of the office desk provides complete backrest without straining the neck as well. 

Modern day furniture offers the benefit of ergonomic design.

  • Storage

Office Desk

An office desk without sufficient storage can lead to a lot of mess and clutter. So ensure you have space to stock your files, stationery and other important documents. 

Systematic storage will give you ample space to sort things and work comfortably without being overwhelmed thus reducing unnecessary stress.

  • Material

Pick ‘engineered wood’ which is durable, affordable and comes in a multitude of finishes. Also ensure you have laminates that are fireproof and waterproof, be careful of rough edges.

A durable material will ensure your furniture lasts longer and gives you a hassle-free experience while working on it.

Everything makes up an ideal office desk and we don’t want to keep changing office desks every now and then. So, ensure it’s a durable purchase that stays for a longer duration. Also, keep in mind the warranty available to make sure it’s value for money.