As things get added to your wardrobe because you buy more stuff or get a lot of gifts from your loved ones, we know that you’d want to keep it all tidy and accessible. Decluttering is the solution. But the first step to decluttering is knowing what you can afford to remove from your wardrobe.

In this blog, we identify 6 things you should consider moving out of your wardrobe especially if your wardrobe is not a customized one like modular wardrobes by Durian. Space is always a constraint with wardrobes, especially with the traditional ones.

This list of 6 things will help you make more space. Some you might be able to chuck and some you can definitely shift elsewhere.

1. Bulky hangers

Yes, hangers are very helpful in keeping clothes well-arranged. But an excessive number of hangers, and bulky ones at that, only take away space rather than let you make good use of it.

Bulky hangers in wardrobe

The reality is that with hangers, many people tend to overdo storage. And the hanging space which is actually meant for certain types of clothes becomes stuffy. So don’t let a solution become a problem. Get rid of extra hangers to put some limitations on how many belongings you want accessible on a daily basis on those hangers.

2. Things you haven’t used in a long time

This is the mantra of decluttering because not enough people seem to be internalizing it. Things that you don’t use regularly don’t deserve to be in your wardrobe.

Ask yourself “Have I used this in the last 6 months?” If the answer is no, keep it away.

And please don’t sneak it back in by telling yourself that it holds special memories. Because the strict logic of decluttering is that your wardrobe should have things you need regularly. Memorabilia goes elsewhere – not in your wardrobe.

3. Items lying around your wardrobe on the floor

Things keep falling from overstuffed wardrobes, don’t they? Well, after a time, some people don’t feel like picking them up to put them in the right place because they’ll fall again anyway.

Wardrobe clothes are lying around floor

And that’s how wardrobe space encroaches upon the space outside the wardrobe! Don’t even keep a suitcase nearby. Or its surface will become a mini wardrobe or a shelf in itself. We’ve seen a lot of innocuous looking things become piles of disorganized stuff because everyone could use one extra shelf, one extra box and so on.

4. Things that don’t belong in a wardrobe

Memorabilia, sports equipment, trophies, files and documents do not quite belong in the wardrobe.

Put the official documents in your work desk. Have a table or cabinet for your trophies or anything else you collect.

To focus on decluttering the wardrobe, you need to think about what you want to keep in the wardrobe. Stuffing it with everything else is messing up with your own expectations.

declutter wardrobe

5. Belts, belts, belts, and small bags

If your wardrobe has hooks to hang things like belts, that’s great. If not, figure out how to make the best use of the door space especially for your accessories.

Things like belts are likely to get entangled elsewhere and are also easy to lose.

You might even manage to get a small cabinet ready in the door space to store smaller things. Go for it.

6. Bedding & seasonal clothing

Seasonal clothing is not used daily. It’s used when the season arrives. For example, you’d use your woolens in the winter season. There’s no reason why they should take up your daily space. They should in fact be hibernating in your winter space!

Clothes in declutter wardrobe

Similarly, bedding can be very easily shifted to the bed storage. That’s what hydraulic storage beds are for. So why let pillows and duvets encroach upon your clothes?

The art of organizing stuff in your wardrobe can be as interesting as building your wardrobe. It needs care too. Start by removing these 6 things and you might bump into your realization of what should stay in and what should keep out.

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