Deciding what to wear everyday is itself a crucial decision. The more number of things you possess in your wardrobe, the more difficult it gets for you to find the right clothes for the day.

And if you don’t have everything in its right place, it delays you even further.

There’s an old saying: a place for everything and everything in its place.

Let’s apply this to wardrobe. And see how it can help you place everything well. So that you don’t have to invest long time into finding the thing you’ve decided to wear for the day.

The Main Rule: Categorization

Obviously, the key is to keep everything well-catogorized to help you identify everything clearly.

But categorize how? People have unique types of clothes, even the number of clothes.

When it comes to owning a shelf in a wardrobe that your family owns as a whole, the number and type of clothes you own will be very different from those of other family members.

There are certain criteria you can follow in order to categorize everything you own so that you can segregate everything well – irrespective of type and number of clothes.

Let’s look at these parameters to segregate.


7 Rules of Thumb to Segregate the Items in Your Wardrobe

  1. Frequency of Usage

Keep the clothes you frequently use at the front or at the top.

Keep the clothes you use only on certain occasions at the back or at the bottom.

  1. Weight

Keep the heavy clothes at the bottom.

Keep the light clothes on top of the heavy clothes.

Your jeans, by this logic, won’t go on top of your chiffon tops – they’ll be forgotten forever!

  1. Similar Types

Keep clothes of similar types together – jeans would go with other denims like shorts. Shirts would go with other shirts. And so on.

  1. Function

Keep clothes you reserve for formal clothes separate from the ones for ethnic occasions. Keep clothes for casual get togethers separate from the ones for party wear.

Function would be determined by occasions you generally attend.

  1. Non-clothes

Keep jewellery separate from watches. Keep scarves separate from clutches.

  1. Size

Keep long, huge clothes separate from shorter, smaller ones. Clothes with short sleeves separate from those with long sleeves.

  1. Versatility of Hangers

Find ways to use one hanger for more than one item. Put shirts of lighter colours together on one hanger. Put tops with long sleeves on one hanger. And so on.

These 7 ways to categorize clothes will help you keep everything sorted and go for the right section when you’re picking your pre-decided items from your shelf or wardrobe.

You’ll find yourself organized. Your wardrobe will look neat and clean. And you’ll save time everyday while getting ready.

Did we miss anything? Let us know about how these ways of categorization can be improved.