There is a reason why it is called a living room because it is indeed the first space you style with perfect décor and living room furniture, then the same theme you implement in the other rooms. It’s all about how you club different elements together to make your room come alive. Adding bold statement pieces won’t make the place stand out if there is something that complements it or enhances the look of the living space. Here’s a list of the perfect pairs which will never go wrong and are just made to elevate the living space in its own simple, classic ways.

1. Bookshelves & recliners

You always look for making a reading corner but why not design a living room space around it with the perfect wall unit bookshelves styled with comfortable recliners for all time unwind place at home.

2. Mirror & modern Art

Now this one is an interesting and unusual combination you have ever read. But if you refer any interior designer, they will tell you how huge mirrors are a big yes for home décor. Huge mirrors make your rooms look bigger and living room walls are the perfect place to style one with your style of paintings.

3. Monochrome pictures & black frames

For the minimalistic lover, this is the perfect pairing which never goes out of style for a modern living décor. Making frames out of your family pictures or your travel pictures with clean line frames gives the living space a different look and style a chest of drawers with blank, empty frames as well.

4. Dark walls & bright sofas

Taking a bold step and planning to get a dark color wall, where everyone is trying to talk you out of it. Have a look at the perfect companion to your dark color wall is to get perfect living room furniture. Philly is a bright, solid color sofa set toning the dark side of the living room giving it a contemporary look.

5. Plants & flower Vase

For positive well-being, many are indulging into plant-inspired living corners. What better way to style a perfect living room décor with a single themed planter and complimenting vases around the living room for real flowers or plants to have natural air purifiers at home.

These are some of the perfect pairings which will enhance any living space and give it a contemporary look. Some handy tips to keep in mind while renovating your living room.