Your bedroom is a place which is personal and usually not seen by anyone but that shouldn’t stop you from decorating it. Bedroom décor represents your style and persona which helps you escape from the daily chaos.
It doesn’t matter how bold you want your bedroom décor to be, how large your bedroom space is, what color preferences you should opt for or what kind of bedroom furniture you should plan on getting in. Here are 10 bedroom ideas that will create your own space which includes neutral colors, bold moves, and modern style.

1. Cambert

A wide upholstered headboard like Cambert brings soft-touch leatherette into a bedroom while enabling the integration of eclectics. In this bedroom set, the headboard and Christa lounge chair provides a sense of formality while also asserting a contemporary look that doesn’t make it overly trendy.

2. Franklin

The designer headboard acts as a statement art in itself with clean lines and a defined bedroom furniture style. Franklin gives a minimalistic look with a perfect blend of white and warm brown to it. Add bold, modern lighting which will bring in a punch of modern element to it.

3. Gordon

When sticking to one neutral color family, be sure to add plenty of texture or patterns to your bedroom space. Here, the Gordon bedroom set furniture is a rich walnut color of magnificent proportions. Make it texture rich with a different rug, wood finish and the marble wall to give a contemporary style with warm lighting.

4. Mark

Create a place of sense with Mark Bedroom set which comprises of contemporary bedroom furniture consisting of a choice of beds, wardrobe, dresser, and nightstand. The headboard is tall coupled with two indented niches or alcoves to keep your bedside accessories. The textures wood on the headboard gives it a rustic facade with the solid wood accents running the length and breadth of the bed. It is a perfect décor idea for all-white lovers.

5. Morris

Create a cocoon with a certain ethereal feel with an all-marble look interior. Dark walls, marble flooring creates a classic, calming style to relax and unwind. But Morris bedroom furniture set gives you the elegant modern look and feel. The central headboard console is curved and covered in a textured Laminate with added shelves on either side for easy storage and access.

6. Nicholas

The Nicholas bedroom furniture set is a modern addition to a minimalistic style. The king-sized bed boasts of clean minimal design and straight lines. The design draws on a dual-tone finish accented by contrasting panels that reflect on the side tables and the legs. Adding fresh flowers to your bedroom space can make a huge difference and adding a wall of paintings can give it a modern persona.

7. Robinson

When you are short of space, then you have to wisely choose your bedroom furniture like getting the basic essential bedroom furniture set for your bedroom to keep it simple spacious and full of storage area around. The Robinson’s box cut design and finishes ensure that this bed is made for the modern Indian home. You should always opt for a complete bedroom set with wardrobes, nightstand, chest of drawers and side tables.

8. Stephen

Instead of sticking to the plain white walls, why don’t you think of some textured wall? Go for a blend of neutral color and solids to compliment your bedroom furniture. Stephen gives you German Beechwood and solid wood stained in a dark oak polish. The designer veneer with a box cut pattern on the tall headboard and footboard gives it a rustic yet contemporary look to your room with a statement art on top of the bed sidewall.

9. Winston

A calming soothing colored wall with premium leatherette bedroom furniture brings in the luxury to space. A gorgeous neutral color rug balances the contemporary look of the all solid color bedroom look. There is hydraulic as well as manual storage for the extra space. The bed frame comes fitted with a solid wood fascia and a plywood top frame that opens up to reveal the storage inside.

10. Nina

Now, here’s a bedroom space that knows how to set a mood. With red-dark cherry finish coupled with a unique grain finish. The Nina bedroom set is a beautiful blend of classic and modern styles to make the room look bigger and stylish.

We hope you liked the 10 unique designs we have given above. Play with patterns and textures with color combinations. Try different looks from minimalistic to the rustic style. But don’t forget tips from Marie Kondo and de-clutter to keep it positive, vibrant and welcoming.