Having an outdoor space of your own is like a dream for people living in city apartments; even a small balcony is a blessing to have. But if you have a balcony then you should make it an extended living room space to enjoy a cup of tea or evening weather over a glass of wine, etc.
Here, we are going to give you a few amazing ideas to décor your balcony, no matter the size! Just remember your balcony has a lot of design potential.

1. Bring in hammock

You don’t need to invest separately for a balcony décor. Keep it breezy and welcome the all-time favorite hammock into the space to enjoy a good read or binge-watching.

2. Foldable furniture

Use space-saving furniture, like a foldable chair or side table to squeeze in living room furniture for a balcony set up to keep the room décor to minimal.

3. Plant corner

Who doesn’t love plants? Bring in fresh plants like the snake plants, terrarium, etc. to have your own air purifier at home. With having a little space to spare then the best way to utilize it with hanging pots or wall mount planters, etc.

4. Modern Setup

Whenever we talk about modern décor ideas the first thing that hits us is neutral colors but go for vibrant color which can be an extended living room space with modern furniture overviewing the city.

5. Outdoor workstation

Now that the concept of work from home is so much in, then why not have an outdoor workstation with a small table and a comfortable seat to enjoy work. Make room for plants to add life to your balcony.

6. Spacious balcony

Keep it simple, clean and minimal with outdoor furniture to just enjoy the view and spend quality time with your loved one. You can add dramatic lights to your balcony for having a quite candlelit dinner or wine as well.

7. Color rush

What a better way to add colors to your place than for the balcony with flowers and plants around. Bring in the boho look with colorful cushions or throw to your balcony décor.

8. A touch of Flora

Who doesn’t like flowers! Get inspired from the tulip gardens or Mughal gardens of Kashmir. Create a calming air for your balcony with flora all around.

9. Outdoor Furniture

Opt for easy to use and maintain furniture for every day. Bring in outdoor furniture specific to Indian climates like cane or fiber stacking chairs for a modern look and feel.

10. Give yourself some privacy

If your balcony is right next to your neighbor’s, add tall plants like bamboo or make a hardboard wall of planters to have your privacy intact. You can even think of adding hanging plants like money plant or any kind of climber to make it book bushy.

Balcony décor very much depends on the living room décor as it is an extension of your living room furniture theme; add cozy stuff to make it feel inviting and relaxing. So keeping all this mind, start planning your balcony décor today.