Modern homes tend to be compact. They are designed to help the family live with a sense of functionality. Utility becomes more important than the need to merely deck something up. Your entryway is one space where you can tweak things a bit to make them look lavish.

Having a lavish entryway can be made possible with the way you bring in a sense of grandeur into the space of home. Doors stand for first impressions. With a lavish entryway, you can make a grand impression and make people feel they are being welcomed into a grand space.

5 ways to Make Your Entryway Look Lavish for a Grand Welcome

  1.   You of course need lights as you step into your home. It’s a place where you possibly keep important things like keys or organize your footwear. A glazed ceiling or intelligently placed side lights can literally “throw” ample light on the entryway and make it look huge.

       Use Grand lighting toMake Your Entryway Look Lavish

  1.     Install a huge door: Yes, size does matter! An oversized door can make your entryway look really grand by drawing attention to its breadth and height. It literally makes people turn their heads as they enter your space.
  1.     Go for the Traditional Aesthetic: An antique-looking design bringing alive the rural or even palatial entryways could be a natural way of crafting a grand entryway. These doors used to be traditionally designed to accommodate many people trying into a home and protect lavish homes. So the design still retains a lot of its magnanimity. Such a traditional looking piece will add a breadth and depth to your entryway too.
  1.     Go for the vertical lines in design: Vertical lines make a door look taller by drawing attention to its height. Vertical lines are also very fashionable. They appeal to an observer’s sense of order. This design requires very little to be executed neatly but it looks very pleasing to the eye.

      Go for the vertical lines in design for door

  1.     Accessorise with long door handles: Long door handles lend a sense of wide expanse to a door, especially when these are located below the eye level. The vertical length of the handle, as opposed to the circular or semi circular handles, adds a further touch of length to a door.

These simple tweaks to the door can change the way you, and the company you receive at home, look at your home space. As mentioned earlier, compact homes cannot be fiddled around with for the expansion of the carpet area or rearrangement of the floor plan much. But with simple things like changes to the entryway and the door, you can create a grand space for yourself.