Macassar Ebony or Black Ebony is a tree native to Southeast Asia. It yields a unique timber which is used in premium priced delicate crafts and other items like the fingerboard on the guitar.

Its veneer is a beautiful yield too with long stripes. These help the craftsmen and artists create unique patterns for surfaces of furniture.

The exceptional beauty of this veneer makes for stunning looking doors. It can be used to create different designs to suit different tastes.

Let us look at 3 door designs crafted by Durian out of Macassar Ebony.

1. Booker

Made with the fascinating Macassar ebony veneer, the Booker/2 door with its beautiful sheen, and saturated color creates an environment that exudes class and elegance.

The inverted V shape created in this design is loved by those in love with playful shapes.

3 Outstanding Door Designs Made from Macassar Ebony Veneer You Must Know About

2. Booker  (Another Variation)

With its deep delicious brown color and contrasting yellow-brown stripes, the Macassar ebony veneer gives the Booker/1 door an unparalleled look, adding personality wherever it is used.

The V shape thus created adds depth and width to the door.

Booker Another Variation

3. Caleb

The Macassar ebony Caleb door is a dark chocolate brown gem. The irregular caramel brown striations are a nice break from the traditional patterns and give a nice modern finish to your home.

The design is a horizontal variation of W or zigzag introducing complexity and order to the surface of the door.

The Macassar ebony Caleb door is a dark chocolate brown gem

These 3 door designs are put together out of very intricate marquetry and parquetry work as undertaken by women artists. These craftswomen have a great eye for small details and the big picture. They stitch the veneer with a lot of focus and a passion for aesthetics.

Macassar Ebony makes it possible to make line designs and use them creatively to weave neat and elegant patterns, especially on the doors. The door designs made of this veneer perfectly complement the interiors made as per modern and contemporary decor.

What kind of veneers or door designs are you looking for? Reach out to us. We can bring to life a design you are inspired by Meanwhile, look forward to more veneers and designs by Durian.