Beautiful you and beautiful wardrobe are incomplete without awesome sportswear that you use to work out, unwind and energize.

To stay sorted, healthy, active, and always on the go, you’d need all your sportswear sorted so that you can engage in any activity you like without waiting to find your active wear.

Hence, these 6 ideas to help you declutter your wardrobe and get you moving.

1. Dedicate a drawer for sportswear only

You should not have to waste your time looking for comfortable sportswear before your workout. That’s why you shouldn’t mix them up with your regular clothes.

Having a separate drawer within your wardrobe or may be a chest of drawers near your wardrobe would help you tremendously so that you have your sportswear accessible all the time.


2. Grab dividers for the drawer if you can

Once you have identified the right space to keep your workout clothes, see if you can find drawer dividers to further segregate everything. This is the idea of “storage within storage” which means you create mini shelves within your drawer so that things do not spill into each other.

3. Organize by type of clothes

Take stock of what you have. Generally, work out wear falls into bottom wear (track pants, yoga pants etc), tops/t-shirts, and jackets.

If you prefer wearing a pre-matched set, keep everything in pairs. Otherwise, keep all pieces of bottom wear together and so on with other types of clothes.

This way, you’ll know what to pick from where.

4. Code it all color-wise

Color coding is the best way to scan everything. Most importantly, it makes scanning easier on the eye. Because you can scan easily, there are good chances that you’d actually use everything equally rather than using some clothes more often than the others.


5. Fold everything to its minimum size

Fitness freaks know this already – there can be just too much to contain in one drawer. Therefore, you need to make the best use of the space you have.

When you get home the brand new clothes, you may think they are so tiny and can easily fit into your wardrobe. That’s because they are folded to a least bulk so that 3 pieces (or more) can fit into value packs.

The trick lies in learning how to fold them so that you can put a piece down to its smallest chunk by making sure you’ve taken care of all the loose ends too. Or things like drawstrings are likely to get entangled with other things.

6. Stack them horizontally

Once you’ve folded the clothes to their smallest size, stack them. But do that horizontally, like one after the other rather than stacking them from bottom to top or vertically.


The drawer space you’ve chosen is best used for smaller items and horizontal stacking from front to back. Stacking clothes this way will help you spread the clothes evenly all over the drawer rather than letting them get concentrated in some places.

Another advantage: horizontal stacking is good for you to scan everything quickly. Again: no time wasted trying to find this or that.

Do tell us what other ideas you follow to keep your sportswear sorted.