With the ever increasing population in the world, homes are turning into micro-homes, reducing living spaces. You may ask how one is supposed to combat this, given the similar kind of structures to choose from, cramped apartments et al. From living rooms that are barely big enough to accommodate sofas, TV sets, dining furniture etc., to bedrooms and office spaces where it is difficult to place beds, wardrobes, office desks and chairs, cabinets etc. It’s definitely not an easy task to rise above this challenge. But, worry not, we’ve got some really easy and effective hacks to make your small space more inviting. 

1) Go for light hues

We all are aware about the scientific fact that dark colours absorb light but do not reflect it back. They might make you feel comfy but they also make the space look cluttered. Using light hues in the room give the room an airy feel and make it look spacious.


2) De-clutter

Utilize the space well and throw away those old pieces of furniture that aren’t useful anymore. Make use of minimal but bigger furniture that gives your room a spacious and de-cluttered look.


3) Add mirror magic

Mirrors uplift the room’s aesthetic sense and due to the laws of refraction, the space will appear a lot more open-ended and airy. Remember the scene from Enter the Dragon where Bruce Lee tries to fight the bad guy in a room full of mirrors? That is the sort of visual grandeur that mirrors could add to your space.



4) Use multi-functional items

Why spend on two furniture products when you can get the best of both in one? Streamline your room by using products that serve various purposes instead of just one.



5) Let there be light

Having un-draped windows would let more light to enter the room. This gives more depth to the setting. And that’s why we say, let there be light!


6) Let those legs be visible

Choosing furniture pieces with exposed legs gives your room a decent height and unleashes the floor, adding to the dimensionality of your home or office space.


7) Get the colour scheme right

Add personality to your space by adopting a visually coherent colour scheme.  You could also use your favourite colours, since you’d want your home to be an extension of your personality.


8) Add some drama

An interplay of light and shadow infuses character into your setting. Contrast has always been a stock suggestion by almost every interior designer and decorator, for the sheer drama that such a setting ultimately provides.



9) Go linear

Linear prints on rugs or mattresses give an elongated dimensionality to your room. For best results, use stripes throughout the length of the room.



10) Be a little artsy

Add some depth to your space with some artistic flourish by hanging paintings, artworks or displaying showpieces. If you collect stamps or other artefacts, you could showcase your collections. They give your home a persona- almost like badges of honour that you see on a retired General’s coat pocket… So go ahead, and artify your space!