Your safety is very important to us.


So, we’ve put a mechanism in place to ensure you get your furniture while eliminating the possibility of any oversight in the sanitization process before delivering it to you.


We’ve written this blog to familiarize you with the hygiene process our vehicles go through before they start to deliver to you.


Rest assured. The vehicle delivering to you is safe and secure.


We believe that security is nothing if it doesn’t cover the physical well-being of the infrastructure that delivers our products to you.


Our 11-point protocol ensures our infrastructure is secure against the possibility of contagion. Take a look.


  1. All our delivery staff members wear masks and gloves.
  1. Generally, all paperwork interaction and interaction are done outside the warehouse premises.
  1. All delivery staff members pass through a temperature check upon entrance. If any symptoms of cold, cough, or fever are found, the concerned staff is allowed to take a break for the day.




  1. All delivery staff members sanitize hands outside the premises, and once inside, regularly within the premises.
  1. We take the utmost care towards contactless interaction.
  1. We disinfect the entire truck from inside & outside before any material is unloaded or loaded.
  1. All incoming boxes are sanitised where possible or left idle for 12 hours before our store team puts it to use.
  1. The touchpoints of the vehicles are cleaned using sanitizing solvents which have hypochlorite concentration.
  1. Our delivery staff members ensure all the touchpoints of the vehicle are cleaned before and after the delivery.
  1. Our installation team members wear masks, gloves, face shields, shoe covers, and any other PPE at all times in the vehicle or customer site or while in transit.
  1. The installation team maintains social distance within the vehicle as well.


Your product is safe with us. We’ll hand it over to you only after we’ve taken care of all security measures.


Now you can save this guide as an eBook to help you while shopping. No need to save the URL. Download your copy right away.


Let us know what else we could do to improve our vehicle security.