Vintage is classic. That’s why people continue to be fascinated by rich ornateness with an aura of timelessness.

When it comes to home décor for our times, vintage can be done right with good attention to furniture and other items that are made for modern use but still carry a distinctness of tradition and everything that is beautiful about it.

Here are 5 home décor ideas in the vintage streak that you must sample. These will help you imagine a unique touch to your home!

          1. Go for a Colour.

Yes, black is considered to be “evergreen”. It is also very easy to work with. But it’s not the only colour that lets you experiment with your décor.

 A rich blue, as this sofa is coloured, looks sheer brilliance. It breaks the clutter of regular neutral colours associated with modern homes. 


It’s not just the colour that stands out. It has a vintage chesterfield design – an all time classic.

There’s more possible with colour. This lounge chair is a simple idea in the celebration of colour. The pattern on the upholstery is vintage floral. You might also fight options in herringbone patterns too. 


Colour is graceful. Embrace it.

          2. Go for Rich Veneer.

Veneer is astounding. By being simple and understated, it speaks volumes about the taste of people living in the home. 

This dining set makes for a dining experience reminiscent of the past when the pace of life afforded people the luxury to appreciate furniture as works of art and craftsmanship. 


If you explore more, you’ll find the right piece with a warm wood finish too to complete the look.

The truly vintage pieces have beveled edges too. When it comes to other regular tables, it might look like a minor detail but that’s the unique thing about vintage it stays subtle in its overall impression but makes a huge statement when it comes to corners.

          3. Go for Leather or Premium Leatherette.

Like veneer, leather and premium leatherette just cannot get gaudy! 

Chesterfields are as old as the concept of sofas themselves! 

A leather sofa such as this one is the right blend of the rich feel and texture on the one hand and the chesterfield design on the other.


You’ll find the same effect effectively incorporated in premium leatherette too. 

You’ll find stable options like black or brown in leather and bold ones like indigo. That’s quite a range to choose from.

          4. Pay good attention to lighting.

Lighting is crucial to the ambience of a room. But you’ve got to light up the room well so that the play and blend of colours in the room stands out. You’ve also got to choose your lighting set up well.

Take a look at this decorative porcelain table lamp, for instance. It carries colour well on its body with the base crafted from copper. Overall, it has a brushed metallic finish.

When you turn the light on, the body too lights up in complementing hues. The lamp shade is made of soft linen for soft diffused light.


          5. Treat your walls well.

Dress up your walls with decorative wall clocks. Take a look at this bejewelled wall clock for instance. The delicate glass cutwork is finished in a sleek silver that surrounds the timepiece. 

You might have precious memories and photographs that you can frame in elegant frames too!

True vintage is difficult to find with several products masquerading as vintage. It is even more difficult to carry. But with these simple ideas, you’ll find what you are looking for and then decide how to find it all at good prices!

Which is the vintage piece you find special?