Almost in 9 out of 10 random bedrooms in modern homes, you will find a queen-size beds installed snugly at one corner of the room while the opposite corner is decorated with a cupboard and a dressing table.

Well, that’s what queen-size beds are for. A bang for buck with the space they offer.

Why do you need a queen-size bed?

  1. It enhances room décor: Queen-size beds come with various designs of the headrests that add a zing to your bedroom décor.
  2. It is sufficient for a couple: They are just a size smaller than king-size beds. With 60 inches width and 80 inches of length, queen-size beds give just the right space for a couple to sleep comfortably
  3. It is a compact piece of furniture: With storage facilities becoming a mandatory add-on for beds, queen-size beds have hydraulic storage facilities which allows a user to store a lot of items that are not of daily necessity. Queen-size beds are rich in design but don’t have frills occupying extra floor space other than the bed space. Thus, queen-size beds are much more compact. 


Why do Indians prefer a queen-size bed?

  1. It is reasonably priced: With reasonable pricing and the allure of great design, queen-size beds are more popular among Indian homes.
  2. It fits smaller bedrooms: Queen-size beds need just the right floor space to accommodate other furniture inside the bedroom. Thus it has an edge over the bigger king-size ones.
  3. It comes with a storage facility: Queen-size beds fit the average Indian bill mostly for its spacious storage facility.


Why is using a queen-size bed easier?

  1. They can be reassembled easily: Since box-type structures are trending now, queen-size beds are created in a manner to be easily disassembled and reassembled without the help of a carpenter.
  2. They are lighter and easier to relocate: These compact pieces of furniture are far lighter than king-size beds and thus, they are easier to lift, shift and relocate
  3. Mattresses, pillows are more common for queen-size: Queen-size is the industry standard. This is the reason why mattresses, pillows and bed sheets of its exact size are readily available in the market. One has to settle for far less options for the king-size beds. 


Durian’s new arrivals in queen size beds have been created to address the need for stylish and comfortable beds for compact modern Indian homes.

Our Franklin is a premium quality bed – it’s a beautiful walnut color made with walnut finish and provides a warm cozy feel to the sleep.

Fern is a gem of a piece of queen size bed crafted out of solid beech wood. It has a unique headboard design and it’s precious because it’s moisture resistant too.


Turner, our queen size bed, stands for the marriage of grace and strength. It’s borer and termite resistant too.

There are different types of queen-size beds such as platform beds, poster beds and trundle beds. Packed with varieties, queen-size is undoubtedly the most popular among Indians.

Share your experience of owning a queen-size bed with us.