None can avoid the allure of a grand wooden entrance welcoming you inside your friend’s house. Wooden doors have a charm of their own and solid wooden doors are a cherry on the top at that. They exude class and reflect a vintage charm that goes with almost all kinds of interior design. Let’s get to know solid wooden doors in a bit more detail.

Why are they called solid wooden doors?

Since the name may be misleading, solid wooden doors are not actually carved out as a whole from a single tree. Logs of wood from the same species of tree are carved instead and then joined with adhesive as panels and frames. Proper painting process gives the impression of a door made of a single piece of wood, hence the name.


There are different types of woods that are good for solid wooden door construction. Cherry, oak, alder, mahogany, maple and others are the most sought-after species globally for solid wood doors

Designers and carpenters love two of the above mentioned species in particular. Mahogany, with its fine grain texture, blends well with contemporary jazzed-up designs and vintage structures with equal grace. They are very durable and thus, highly in demand for solid wood doors. Oak on the other hand is shock and water-resistant. It also comes in red and white colours, giving the user more options to beautify the doors with design variation.  

Merits of solid wooden doors
1. They are strong:  

Since they are made of hardwood, the dense grains of solid wooden doors resist shocks such as sudden banging of doors due to strong winds, rusting and even give the toughest fight to burglary attempts. They are the most secure variety of wooden doors, hands down.

2. They last long:

All hardwood products have far greater lifespan than their softwood counterparts. Hence, solid wooden doors last longer and help you get rid of unwanted expenses because of door damage after every few years. 


3. They are good insulators:

Due to the grain density and mass, solid wooden doors insulate your homes thermally and acoustically. Solid wooden doors are the thing to go for if you want to set up a recording studio inside your apartment, as they absorb excess sound. 

4. They give better returns:

Solid wooden doors command a high price in the market. However an initially significant investment guarantees a a far longer and better return to the user in terms of durability, quality, resistance to weather fluctuations and beauty through decades. 

5. They are easy to pair with décor:

If you like a particular design for your main entrance, it is all the more necessary to have all your doors made out of solid wood. This ensures a parity in your design and a luxurious appeal to every square foot of your interior design.


Since the raw material for solid wooden doors is obtained from forests, there is a cap on the availability of such woods for the noble purpose of ecological preservation. Hence, you must know all about the wood before you invest in them.


Solid wooden doors charge a premium for its premium utilities. Research your door including the wood type, brand value and warranty facilities to make an informed purchase and enjoy long-lasting security.