Doors are traditionally considered to be a functional aspect of homes in India. At the same time, doors are protected with all kinds of lucky charms to avoid the evil eye. As the leading designers of doors for modern Indian homes, we’ve been observing the tastes and choices people have been making regarding doors. We’ve installed over 5.4 million doors and seen a shift in people’s preferences.

In this blog, we share 3 important facts that will help you when you are looking for an ideal door for your home.

1. Aesthetics

The meaning of a good looking door has changed. Far from the conventional idea of painting the door in exotic colours, people are asking for rich options  in looks and textures that can be manifested on the doors.
That’s why the importance of veneer has increased. Previously, the idea of a beautiful door was restricted to colours.

Today, people understand that beauty is a matter of exclusivity too. Since no two veneers can be alike, each veneer door is different from another one.

Interest in door accessories – especially the door handles – is increasing. Homeowners pick up on the subtle differences that a long handle produces (vis-a-vis a round handle).

The demand for veneer doors to reflect a homeowner’s taste is one of the biggest shifts we’ve observed in the Indian psyche towards aesthetics.

Aesthetic Designed Single Door

2. Privacy

Traditionally speaking, privacy was a matter of shut doors. Today, people are awake to the fact that their doors should have sound resistant technology so as to create a barrier in the path of the sound entering into a home and exiting from a home.

Everyone wants to be able to enjoy loud music or free conversations without any of it getting leaked outside the premises of the home or causing any disturbance for the neighbours.

Privacy also means freedom from the masonry work done at home. Carpentry work done at home typically takes a lot of time and inconveniences the family members who are compelled to put up with noise, dust, and grime at home every day once the masons leave.

That’s the reason why the idea of modular design has become extremely popular. Modular doors are made ready off-site and are brought to the site only for installation. It  saves everyone time and energy.

Unique Design Single Door

3. Intelligent design

Doors were traditionally not seen as capable of being more than a large surface that opens or closes any entryway. Today, homeowners come with a lot of questions about:

  1. Safety – how does a door ensure my family’s safety?
  2. Sturdiness – how sturdy is the door to resist any chances of breaking in
  3. Fire protection – how long can a door withstand fire in case an accident occurs?
  4. Termite protection – how does the door protect against termites to ensure I can live in hygienic conditions?

These questions have helped us realise that modern homeowners are very aware and demand more from door designing. After all, it’s not a good door that does not prove to be useful at all times, especially in unforeseen situations.
You too can keep these facts in mind about what well-informed homeowners are looking for when they search for ideal doors for their homes.

For instance, if you’re looking for good looks, see if veneer appeals to you. Ask for options in door accessories. Ask questions about the making of the door and other elements involved like safety.

Or shoot to us any questions you may have. We’ll be happy to assist you.