Children’s Day calls for some special surprises for the kids, isn’t it? What could be more special than transforming their rooms into something really cool and exciting? If you’re up for the mission, let us help you with the coolest trends for Kids’ Bedroom to make your child jump with joy! 

Pastel Power

 Kids Bedroom

Pastels always make for a soothing choice of colour. They have the ability to calm down the excessive energy that kids possess helping them relax. Colours have vibes too. So, pick pastels for the kids’ bedrooms for a comfortable feel.

Pastels are gender-neutral too, giving you no reason to stress over what appeals to a girl and a boy.

Nordic Appeal

Minimal and nordic vibes rule the home decor trends in 2021. A combination of good lighting and an airy space with natural fabrics create a calming atmosphere. This will help you kids sleep without distractions and give you a comfortable feeling as well. A Scandi style playhouse could also help you to create a perfect play space.

Multifunctional Choices

Kids Bedroom

Kids have a variety of needs, but it’s not always possible to accommodate everything individually. So, look at smart options that offer multifunctional utility to help you cater to all their needs.

Right from a place to learn and unwind to one where your child can sleep and relax, make room for multiple functions as the rooms get increasingly smaller.


Natural Pick

Choose natural fabrics for the kids’ bedroom, it’s soothing for their skin. It’s also advisable to pick cottons and wools and no synthetic fibres to avoid skin allergies or irritation.

Classic wooden bed frames and bedroom accessories can also be added for the natural appeal.

Space-saving Furniture 

Smaller rooms leave no space for movement. So, use space-saving furniture like bunk beds, foldable furniture and easy to move chairs.

It’s best to make space for all that the children need, be it studying, playing games, relaxing or pursuing their hobbies by investing in efficient and space-saving furniture.

Unwinding Zone

Kids Bedroom

It’s important that kids get ample time and space to relax or unwind after a hectic study routine. Ensure that you deck up their rooms with interesting games, puzzles and other things that interest your child. 

Anxiety and stress are so common in children too that you must consider giving them a soothing vibe to stay happy and cheerful.

Children are special and so is their childhood. So, it’s important to give them what is necessary for their wellness, uplifting their mood and spirit. Minor changes in their rooms can go a long way in giving them a comfortable experience.

You can look at the amazing range of products that Durian offers to ramp up your child’s bedroom. Right from space-saving furniture to cool upholstery that makes it a wonderful living experience for the child.