Doors are a great space to experiment with in terms of decor. Find wonderful inspiration and ideas in the latest trends in door designing to make a better decision in terms of aesthetics. 

Look at 6 ideas below to find some focus on your door research and to brief your door seller/supplier in a better way. The more prepared you are with a door design/idea, the more peaceful you’ll feel about the choices you make. Otherwise, you might find yourself carried away by all kinds of door samples and designs without being able to make up your mind about which you’d like to have at your home.

Here goes.

  1. Go ceiling high. 

Doors that go upto the ceiling look magnanimous. They add grandeur to your entryway and make the home look spacious and accommodating. Ideal for inviting positive vibes – they pose a welcoming attitude.

  1. Go wide.

The two door form also adds a dimension of space to your entryway. The largesse on your entryway sets the tone for the interiors of your home – especially if you’ve been mindful about keeping your interiors spacious. 

  1. Slide your door inside a wall.

Save space with sliding doors. You’d naturally have to go ceiling high with these doors and thus create the impression of a huge space. And the beautiful part is that handling (opening and closing) sliding doors does not require a lot of space either. So you do literally add space to your interiors. 

  1. Get inspired by minimalism.

Door Designing Trends

Simple one-colour doors – even flush doors – with a simple door handle look elegant. If you’ve chosen a colour – for the laminate – that blends well into the colour of the walls, you’d be super awed by the look.

  1. Welcome light inside.

If you want to go bold, go transparent! Or translucent at least. With glass doors. It’s rare for Indian homes to think of doors as “glassy”. But think about it. When used smartly at least as interior doors, they can look stunning, make the room look more spacious, and welcome natural light inside saving you a lot on energy consumption. 

  1. Think colour. 

Door Designing Trends

Colors can be quite tricky to choose from. When you design a mood board for your home, think about which colour, when used on the door, can contribute meaningfully to your color vision for the room. Looking at sources like Pantone color of the year can help you narrow down on a certain color and understand which other colors can go well with it. 

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