Wardrobes can add to the beauty of your décor. If you get matching/complementing wardrobes for the bed you want to purchase, you’ll spare yourself the trouble of making one more decision regarding getting the right wardrobe. Here are 3 ideas for you to check out how getting the entire bedroom collection with wardrobes complementing your bed gives your bedroom a definite personality and makes it a better space for living.

1. The Magic of White and Brown

The white and brown maintains and balances the contrast in the colors present in the décor of this bedroom. The openable doors go perfectly well with the wardrobe considering that there is plenty of space around. One can enjoy the full view of the wardrobe at a glance.

Here is the look book for you to visualize the complete décor:



2. White Luxury

This white-themed bedroom needed a splash of white. That was the perfect reason to craft a white wardrobe for the room. It looks beautiful and well contrasted to the patterned walls and flooring. 

Check out the possibilities of complete bedroom collection:



3. The Bold Brown

In this bedroom collection, color is used on the furniture including the bed and the wardrobe to contrast boldly with the overall white ambience. The concentrated brown looks stunning. 

Look at what the complete bedroom looks like:



Intelligent storage is all about getting the best out of what you already have. That includes your investment in the décor. Since you are already going to invest bed – for your home will surely need one – plan ahead and think about the complete look of your bedroom. 

That is how you’ll be able to create an inspiring design to cheer up your mood and get positive vibes from the ambience you’ve created at home.

Bring home something you’d really like to own for very long – it should be beautiful and soothing to look at too. After all, you’re giving it precious space in your haven!

What wardrobe designs have you found interesting for your bedroom?