Modular furniture is in! Every now and then you get to hear of your friends or relatives renovating their apartments with modular furniture that look straight out of your dream design and space.

We are talking to you about a more specific type of furniture. Yes, modular doors. We are the first furniture brand to conceive this idea and before sharing its perks with you, let’s break down the definition of modular furniture.

What is modular furniture?

These are furniture or groups of furniture manufactured in factories. Unlike carpentry, which is done at the residence of the customer, modular furniture is created with a specific set of instruments inside the factory way faster.

All you have to do is share your design expectations with the interior design brand concerned and your furniture will be ready in a week. Add two days to that list and that is the total time you would need to spend to get your furniture.

Modular furniture is also the easiest to build and rebuild. Suppose you are relocating to a new apartment and have just the right space for your modular kitchen. You can just disassemble your furniture in your past apartment, shift it, and fix it in your present place without any hassle.

Now, imagine that ease of movement and assembling available for doors too and that’s exactly what Durian has brought to its bustling community of builders, B2B, and direct consumers. Let’s understand how modular doors will tap into a booming market in the near future.

How Durian’s modular doors help you

1. Faster installation

One of the major sticking points of furniture building by traditional carpenters is the time consumed by carpenters to erect furniture after masonry is done for an apartment.

It takes almost 60 days to complete the construction of a door on-site after which the painter gets to work on the apartment. This lag time is reduced to one-third, thanks to Durian’s simultaneous working method.

Soon after placement of orders, we start building our doors and as your mason finishes his job, we come and install finished doors within hours.

A carpenter is fixing door

2. Quality assurance

We cater to builders and homeowners who look for quality in doors rather than the quantity of delivery with no assurance of quality. Our builders are involved in premium projects and expect their products to be world-class.

Durian ensures high-quality wood, veneer, and accessories that satisfy all expectations. similarly, our individual customers who are either renovating their homes or building their homes afresh, see great quality and safety in our product.

3. Acknowledging carpenters

Durian’s modular doors strive to create a separate demand pipeline and are actually supported by carpenters on board who are otherwise indispensable in other furniture verticals of the brand. Respecting the finesse of carpenters, we believe that modular doors are a new way forward.

4. Parity in veneer choice

Veneer differs in appearance as no two veneer sheets look identical. Imagine the pain of finding the similarity in veneer if you buy furniture from different brands. Durian as a veneer manufacturer provides the right look and parity across all its modular doors for your perfect interior décor.

parity in veneer choice

5. Boon for architects

Nowadays, architects are accepting orders of construction directly from the end-consumers and are supervising over the furniture construction procedure. They have a tight deadline to achieve and modular doors are just the right solution for architects looking for fast yet accurate delivery of good-quality furniture.

Do you use modular furniture and are excited about this new product? Let us know about your experiences.