Having Center & Side Tables  at home is a huge advantage. They are the most practical furniture item you could own. They keep your room – bedroom or living room – clutter-free. Plus if you choose your table wisely, you’ll also end up having a stylish ambiance. 


In this blog, we show you 5 awesome and latest designs in Center & Side Tables that you would want to get hold of right away for your home – so that you can keep your room organized, welcoming, and stylish.


  1. Jefferson

    Brown Colored Side table

This one is a sleek, cozy table that you can slide closer to your sofa whenever you want – especially when you want to turn your sofa into a workspace. The surface can be used to keep your laptop as you type your ideas away on it or read something important. 

When you’re not using it for work, just let it stay near your sofa to hold your beverages and newspapers. 

In other words, it’s a classy companion for your sofa – with its excellent warm polish and durable solid beech wood. 


  1. Kyle

If you like glass, you’re going to adore Kyle. 

This one is a shiny table made of 10mm bent glass and exudes a clear finish. With beech wood legs on one side, Kyle becomes a stylish blend of glass and wood. The glass gives a sparkle to your room also making it appear larger while the wood gives it a sense of solidly grounded. 

The two shelves and the magazine cavity give you ample space to manage your belongings. 


  1. Polka

The best size ever that beautiful decor things can come in!

Polka is a slim, miniature designed table that’s adored by minimalists. The curved legs do a fine job of making the table look aesthetically pleasing.

The rich finish makes its warm brown color add to its exquisite design.


  1. Nora

    Glass Center Table with wheels

Nora is a rare specimen that turns the idea of a table with 2 shelves into something grander. A play in the design makes this fine glass piece of furniture into a space saviour while enabling you to store more on it. 

It’s an ideal companion for your TV time, reading time, and coffee time – all in one


  1. Pole

Brown Colored Side Table

Pole keeps you focused. It brings you into work mode or reading mode right in your living room when everyone else is dancing around or watching TV!

 With surface space just enough for your laptop or book, you’ll never ever get distracted. The slim base ensures you get plenty of leg space around the table should you wish to change your posture.


  1. Fox

    Glass Center Table

If you need something chic and lavish, Fox is going to be a perfect fit. 

Its glass tabletop with a shelf underneath sits elegantly on strong beech wood legs, making it an ideal center table for your living room. It’s a one-of-a-kind designer piece designed to save you space and keep your reading material and remote controls accessible.  

Each of these designs is powered by our desire to solve the need for more space and greater organization in compact Indian homes – without compromising on the premium Indian families put on the style quotient of furniture.

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