If you end up with a cluttered wardrobe every now and then, you probably don’t have the right wardrobe. Read on to find out how modular wardrobe can make your life easier.

The Drawback of Non-modular Wardrobes

Non modular wardrobes such as steel almirahs tend to be seen as a quick, easy solution to your storage needs. All you need to do is pay and the almirah gets delivered to you. That’s how you manage to solve your wardrobe problems but only for the short term.

Non-modular wardrobes fall short when it comes to helping you in the long term. With time, your belongings grow and the way you would like to store them and organise them also changes. The readymade system is just not enough to maintain. Hence, you experience moments such as the spilling of clothes when you open your wardrobe!
That’s why modular wardrobes.

You may have heard of modular wardrobes already – just as the many wardrobe and bedroom furniture buyers we come across. From our interactions with millions of such buyers all over the country, we understand that the concept of modular wardrobes is associated with the unique way it’s made. For instance, you may know that modular wardrobes are manufactured as per your needs at a factory site and are delivered and installed in your home easily.

However, there’s more to modular wardrobes than their unique manufacturing style. For example, a modular wardrobe can end the clutter and spillage you face when you open your wardrobe. Let’s find out how.

9 Benefits of Modular Wardrobes 

1. Save space

Modular wardrobes save you a lot of space. Because the carcass of the wardrobe is made as per your choice, you manage to make intelligent use of space available inside the wardrobe.

Red and Grey 2 panel Sliding Modular Wardrobe

2. Save time

Modular wardrobes save you a lot of time. Since you have separate racks and shelves to hold different items, you don’t have to waste time in find the things you need. You get ready faster and without a worry about missing something.

3. Save money

You also get to save a lot of money in 2 ways. One, you don’t have to buy another wardrobe once you realise that the current one does not meet your needs. And two, you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors in order to get your wardrobe ready.

4. Customise to your room space

You can customise your wardrobe to the space available in your room. Modular wardrobes can come in 2 door, 3 door, 4 door formats with an inbuilt loft space. Depending on the space available in your room, you can opt for swing doors or sliding doors so that there’s space for you to move around.

White colored sliding wardrobe

5. Customise to your belongings

Different people have different kinds of belongings. If you have more of saris and coats, you may want to increase the number of shelves and racks in your wardrobe thus customising it to your belongings.

6. Customise to your storage style

Similarly, you may want to hang them instead of keeping them vertically stacked in a shelf. A modular wardrobe lets you create different kinds of storage spaces within your wardrobe. This is how you can customise your wardrobe according to the storage style you have in mind.

Open Customizable Wardrobe

7. Customise to your decor

While readymade cupboards come with predefined looks, modular wardrobes can be customised as per your aesthetic needs or the decor and moodboard of your room. You have a range of options in material (glass, wood) and colours so that you can create a wardrobe that is sync with the look and feel of your room.

8. Maximise your space

Conventionally, wardrobes are understood to be taking up space in your room. But modular wardrobes can actually maximise the space in your room. The swing doors of standard cupboards can make it difficult for you to walk but a sliding door wardrobe in your room can actually make the room look bigger.

9. Ideal for keeping yourself decluttered

Finally, modular wardrobes keep you clutter-free. Since you invest a lot of thought in determining the number and arrangement of racks and shelves and drawers in your wardrobe, you can keep them in a sorted way. You don’t have to spend a lot of energy decluttering every now and then!

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