Ask yourself what comes first on your mind when you discuss about furniture. We’d realize that whatever it is, doors stand absolutely no chance into being mentioned as favourite furniture.

This is because it is the most important furniture to ensure our privacy but don’t offer any form of physical relaxation. Hence, we almost always end up having no idea about what kind of doors would suit us the best.

This happens because we don’t know about doors enough. This blog discusses the various accessories that build up a door that keeps the family and its possessions secure from the outside world.

How important are door accessories?

A door is an outcome of various unavoidable tools that work together to ensure optimum security. Let’s discuss the different parts of doors:

1. Locks: To stop intruders from breaking in, there has been drastic innovation in making locks over centuries. There are various kinds of locks ranging from the much reliable deadbolts, spring-bolts, keyless entry systems, biometric locks and mortise locks.

A person is using a card key to unlock a door

2. Handles: Two types of door handles are mostly popular. European nations use lever handles that are easier to use for adults. However, people in the United States use doorknobs predominantly. Door knobs require less wrist strength and can also be easily opened by children.

Door handle with the knoob

3. Hinges: Door hinges are made of two pins connected with bolts that provide a pivot system to the door to open and close in a regulated movement. Few of the various types of hinges such as flush hinge, exterior hinge, interior door hinge, case hinge and hospital hinge.

hinges of the ehite door

4. Bolts: Initially, the top and bottom level bolts provide the basic level of security against intruders. Another modification came with door chains that allow a user to see the profile of the person knocking on the door with just enough opening to ensure uncompromising security of the user.


5. Door viewers: If you want to see the person pressing your doorbell or knocking on your door without having to open the door, you need a door viewer. From the historical peephole to the modern display systems adjacent to the main entrance, a door viewer allows the user to see the profile of the person as s/he comes close to the door.

Viewer of the white door

6. Stoppers: Door stoppers keep the doors from getting bruised due to unnecessary friction with the floor. They save the doors from getting damaged by hard opening and shutting movements. Depending on the budget and uses, one can choose from floor-based stoppers, hinge-pin stoppers, baseboard stoppers, wedge stoppers, kick down stoppers, wall bumper stoppers, etc.

Door stoppers of the brown door

7. Security system: Burglary alarms are a combination of various technologies that are created by security tech brands that allow a user to decipher the identity of the burglars forcing entry in the house. Wireless alarm systems enable a user to monitor house security through apps. Motion sensors, sockets and CCTV cameras are all linked with a home Wi-Fi and have the highest level of accuracy.

Security system of the house


A lot of work goes behind making your door complete. After all, there is a lot more to doors than a rectangular piece of wood to let people in and out. All the accessories are important to doors. Do not ignore them.

Let us know your thoughts. Have you been paying attention to these aspects of the door in your space?