People building a new home for the first time have to take very tough decisions while choosing from options for each and every element.

The door for a new home is one such choice. It means a lot in terms of safety and making a good first impression on the visitors too.

In this blog, we share our experience with a new homeowner in his search for the right door. It may help you should you need to look for one.

Customer Profile

A businessman aged 45-50 years was making his own house for the first time wanted to buy the right door. His is a large family of 8 members. He had been managing a lot of details of the new home right from the moment he decided to build a home.

Subsequently, he hired an architect because he did not have the time required to get into minute details of coordination with various people.

Yet, he also wanted to be involved in crucial decisions to ensure that he is not taken for a ride.

The Requirement for the Right Door

He was making a four-storeyed house and was confused about doors. He had thought of 2 options: if he should buy readymade doors and frame or get them made from a carpenter.

He was not sure of the readymade system as he was not confident if the readymade doors and frames could provide the required strength. Furthermore, he also thought that they were expensive.

He was brought in by the architect he had hired. The architect was technically convinced that our product was better, but the customer wanted to know the details from us through personal interaction.

Our Recommendation

We recommended a door to the client, the one that the architect too considered to be the best choice based on his judgment of the situation.

However, a quality like sturdiness is not easily and immediately visible. The client wanted to understand if the recommended door was really as durable as we claimed it was.


The Challenge

Because only time can prove how sturdy a door is, we thought of a way of using time to convey the quality of the door.

We had plenty of time to demonstrate the quality of our doors. The businessman and the architect had come in advance to decide the doors. The house was still under construction.

Since it would take approximately one year for the house to reach the stage when doors and frames were to be ordered, we suggested that the client to buy one door and install the same in the labours bathroom in the construction stage.

Now this door tends to be treated badly. The customer was also convinced that if the door and frame could survive all possible damage during the construction stage, then certainly there was nothing to be doubted about the strength of the door.

We also gave the client the names and numbers of 5 of our competitors and also gave him the specifications so that he could take prices from them and compare them.

We also gave him the total details to take from various carpenters so that he could take prices from them and compare with our prices.


The client bought our doors after looking at the quality of the door that was installed during the construction phase. It has been approximately 5 years and he is very happy with our product. He has also given us three more referrals and which has got even more business for us.

Do share your experience of buying a door. Let us know about the problems and solutions you came across.