Mr. Aakash Parekh has been our customer for a while. Recently, we got a chance to have a conversation with him regarding his journey with us so far.

Here’s what he had to say:

1. When did you first come across Durian?

“Reference by my father – Mr. Avinash Parekh. He has been using Durian furniture since a long time.”

Mr. Aakash said that his father, Mr. Avinash Parekh was the one who introduced him to the brand. According to him, Durian furniture was the best companion for their home as it embraced the space well and transformed their home into a dream home.

2. What is your favorite piece of furniture from Durian?

“Nothing specific, but we liked most of the office furniture when we visited the store in Goregaon, Mumbai.”

Mr. Aakash said that he liked everything but especially preferred the collection of Durian’s office furniture the most, which is a visual treat and extremely comfortable & functional. He was very impressed by the combination of functionality with style in Durian’s products.

3. Did your family and friends like the furniture brought from us?

“Yes, Durian provided us with fancy and classy furniture in an affordable range. Not to forget the great service that they provided.”

Mr. Aakash Parekh’s family and friends prefer Durian over other brands. Durian is one brand which provides exclusive and elegant furniture, along with incorporating the reviews or feedback of the customers.

4. Would you purchase furniture from us again?

“I would definitely purchase furniture from Durian because I have been using it for years and have trust on the products and services.”

Mr. Parekh said that he will continue purchasing products from us. He mentioned that Durian had created a trustworthy relationship with him by providing the best services and long lasting furniture.

5. What is it that brings you back to Durian?

“I think it’s the quality and after-sales services provided by Durian.”

At Durian, we believe in absolute customer satisfaction and we take it as our utmost responsibility to achieve that. Mr. Aakash Parekh told us that it was our furniture quality and after-sales services, which draws him towards the brand. Durian’s aim is to provide the customers more than what they expected.

6. Would you recommend us to others?

“Yes absolutely, I think people must know about Durian so that they resist buying furniture from brands who just believe in showcasing the fancy features and conceal the
inferior material quality.”

Mr. Parekh answered positively and said that he would recommend us to others, he also told us that other people should know about the brand as it offers much more than just fancy and appealing furniture.

7. What is the one thing you really like about Durian?

“There isn’t one, but many. I like the brand as whole, options given on furniture, different range of products, quality and professionalism.”

Mr. Parekh told us that he likes the brand as whole but finds aspects like options on furniture, different range of products, quality and professionalism very much appealing. And now, it is our duty to maintain that belief by providing the best every time.

This was Mr. Aakash Parekh’s experience with us. We hope to continue our long term relationship with him and hope to work with him soon.