One of the top two real estate developers in India was developing an area of 4 crore sq.ft. Some of it was fully developed while some of it was under construction.

The project was huge: 4 crore sq. ft. translates to 2200 acres of land! It included both residential and commercial projects. He walked into our office to interact with our Project team and our founder.

The History

We had worked with this developer on one of his projects in 2017. He was well-informed about our production capabilities as a whole but wasn’t convinced about our newly introduced pre-hung doors segment. Moreover, because we were debuting in the doors segment, we didn’t have a huge portfolio to show our experience and expertise. We are being honest here – it was a new product for us.

The Problem

He said he’d get back to us. Because he wanted to be safe, he went ahead to hire a supplier from Malaysia. Once the supply of 1,000 pre-hung doors arrived, problems began. During the handover, many doors started giving away and falling down which spelled doom for the developer especially because this was a luxury project.

Returning the doors and having them replaced involved huge delay and a loss that would run into crores. The developer approached us to check if we could help them understand what was wrong.

Our Investigation

We found out that the doors and the door frames were partially made out of HDF or MDF. Doors and frames made out of such materials begin to swell when they come in contact with water. Mopping the floors with water is the routine practice in Indian homes. The swollen pieces were depleting the screws’ ability to hold the doors and the frames and causing them to come apart.

Our Solution

We provided the developer with various quick solutions through which they could repair some of their doors. These solutions would increase the life of the doors considerably without spoiling their looks.


The solution saved the developer all the replacement costs that involved shipping back and forth. There were some doors that couldn’t be. The developer was glad to buy the remaining doors and frames from us. We offered them a deal their original Malaysian supplier had offered them – for the solid wood and not the cheaper HDF/MDF material.

A Continuing Relationship

Our readiness to help in that moment of emergency helped us win the developer’s trust. He went on to sign more contracts with us. He has also been discussing three more forthcoming projects with us.

We have been able to provide a single point solution regarding doors and frames which is both cost-effective and time-effective for them.