Mr. Shahid Rahman, owner of MGM interiors, has been our client for a long time. We got a chance to ask him the reasons behind choosing Durian furniture over others.

Here’s what he had to say:

1. For how long have you known about Durian?

  “For 5 – 6 years we are continuously purchasing products from Durian.”

Mr. Rahman mentioned that he preferred Durian and has been a loyal customer of the brand for the past 5 to 6 years. He was more than satisfied with our services and really appreciated the quality of products that was delivered to him every time.”

2. What were your initial thoughts about Durian?

  “Good relationship, furniture quality and also rate wise, Durian is the best.”

According to Mr. Rahman, his first impression on Durian as a brand was the ‘trustworthiness’, due to the experience that they have in the field of furnishing, with reasonable product prices and one which maintains a fair relationship with its clients and customers. Durian as a brand makes sure that the queries and complaints of the clients are taken as valuable feedback and implemented accordingly.

3. What were the kind of products that you bought from us for your recent project?

  “Durian has supplied many products for our interiors like Sofas, Office desks, Chairs, etc.”

We offered our services to Mr. Rahman for his interior business, which according to him made the outcome extraordinary, as it enhanced the interiors he worked on. Mr.Rahman and his team got more than what they anticipated which only pleased them further, which lead to a stronger relationship with Durian.

4. Were you satisfied with our work?

  “Yes, definitely.”

The client’s happiness is the most important part for Durian. Our measure of success is directly proportional the customer’s satisfaction from our services. As a brand that has pioneered the art of furnishing for over 72 years, it is our duty to take utmost care of our client’s needs.

5. What difference did our furniture make to your office?

  “Durian’s furniture quality and finesse really made a difference in my client’s office. They weren’t even planning on replacing their furniture, but after coming across Durian’s furniture collection, they purchased it for their house as well”.

When we asked Mr. Rahman about what difference our furniture made, he said that Durian’s products transformed the ambience of the space by enhancing it by giving it a classy look.

6. What do you like about Durian?

  “I like the commitment given by the Durian team. Whenever I selected any furniture from the Durian showroom and if that product was not available at that moment, they ensured that they made arrangements for it and delivered it on time.”

When we asked Mr. Rahman what he liked about Durian, he said that it was our team of experts that gave him assurance of the products and after purchase services. According to him, it was the amount of efforts and time that we invest in our customers to make sure that they are happy with our services and products provided.

This was Mr. Rahman’s experience with Durian. We are happy that we achieved absolute satisfaction. We look forward for your support and feedback to ensure an upgrade in our services next time.