Conventionally, architects and real estate developers have been going to China to buy furniture. They have also been going to Korea. Those with a liking for contemporary fashion and with a better budget have been going to Italy. We want to draw everyone’s attention to India as a happening furniture destination.

Indian craftsmanship, as we have noted elsewhere, wins hearts for its handicrafts. Yet, it’s a lot more than these artistic pieces. If you have been buying traditional Indian woodwork as showpieces, you have only been scratching the surface.

Indians feel the need to go abroad to buy “imported” quality furniture. But Indian brands do produce furniture like everybody else in the world too. These Indian brands do make beds, chairs, tables, sofa sets, dining sets, and so on. We do have our functional needs in our offices and homes.

Dinner Table online in India by Durian

Indian brands do recognise how fussy the Indian buyers of furniture are. At Durian, we understand your demands of design and utility. We know you are obsessed with variety and are very demanding when it comes to pricing too. We know you are very aware about fashion trends and want something that is not expensive to maintain.

 All of which makes Indian brands preferable to the so-called imported brands. We at Durian offer the best in terms of:

1. Design

Get the best items in modern, contemporary, and other styles. Our designers here combine the best of the education, an awareness of the recent innovations and styles, and sensitivity to traditional aesthetics. We have been juggling such demands with those of utility.

2. Quality

We used the best of wood found in India. We import wood from other destinations too. Apart from solid wood, there are other kinds of materials like fibre that lend themselves to great experiments. The output too is very easy to maintain. After all, quality is not about fragility. It also implies sturdiness. Quality also means you are not going to be fooled by damaged and/or fewer numbers of goods when you open the delivered items.

3. Faster Delivery

If you buy from Durian, rest assured about getting the goods delivered on time. It is understandable that you too want the furniture to reach your end customers too in time. Faster shipping helps that happen.

Faster delivery by Durian

4. Price

Our products are premium and come with at least a 5-year warranty. Given these advantages, they are affordably priced.

As mentioned above, Indian design thinking and craftsmanship are capable of creating a variety of items and designs that you may not have imagined earlier.

We welcome you to Durian, the most trusted furniture destination in India.