Mr. Ravi Agaja, the Sr. Manager at Union Bank of India, R.O, Andheri (East) branch has been one of our devoted customers for a long time. We recently got in conversation with him regarding the furniture he bought from Durian.

Here’s what he has to say about it:-

1. When did you first come across Durian?

Ans:  “Already known as branded company and it’s known to all.”

Mr. Agaja says he has known Durian for a long time and believes it is a very reputed and renowned brand that he trusts. Buying sofas and chairs from Durian has been his best decision to redecorate his living room, giving it a completely fresh look and total comfort worth the praise.

2. What is your favorite piece of furniture from Durian?

Ans:  “I love everything but the best piece I’d say is the sofa.”

Mr. Agaja specified all his interactions and purchases from Durian have always lived up to their expectations. Selecting a favorite product sometimes seemed a bit difficult as the range of products leaves our customers spoiled for choice. The comfy sofa that he recently acquired from Durian has not only played companion to his afternoon naps, but also been the best spot for catching games on T.V.

3. Did your family and friends like the furniture brought from us?

Ans:  “Yes. They all like it very much.”

Mr. Ravi asserts his family totally loves the charm Durian’s furniture lends to his home. Mr. Agaja’s mother echoes his sentiment stating that it gives them the most comforting experience that no other has managed to grant. When guests arrive, the very first topic of discussion begins with ‘how comfy the sofa feels and where is it from’.

4. Would you purchase furniture from us again?

Ans:  “Definitely yes. No second thoughts.”

Mr. Ravi mentions that Durian has provided the best quality furniture and has given his home a whole new look. With customer satisfaction at the core, Durian has always maintained a legacy of providing great products for home décor that last a lifetime. 

5. What is it that brings you back to Durian?

Ans:  “It’s Quality & Comfort.”

Durian believes that delivering absolute satisfaction to all the buyers is the most important. And that it is their foremost priority. Mr. Agaja told us that it’s the quality of the product and its comfort that keeps him attached to the brand so much.

6. Would you recommend us to others?

Ans:  “Yes. No doubts there.”

Mr. Agaja responded positively and said that he would definitely recommend us to all his friends. He continued saying that he already has told his friends to buy furniture only from Durian as it undoubtedly has the best product ranges that gives the perfect impression, for home and office.

7. What is the one thing you really like about Durian?

Ans:  “The Sales Staff, Administrative Staff, Showroom and ambience.”

Mr. Ravi states that he has gotten the best experience with the services at Durian. The friendly nature of the sales and the administrative staff makes it easy for the customers to buy effortlessly. Durian’s ravishing showroom and its environment makes the buying an absolutely delightful experience.

This was Mr. Ravi Agaja’s experience with Durian. We are extremely happy to serve him. We aspire to continue the long term relationship with him and thank him for sharing with us his valuable feedback.