Two siblings from Dehradun city moved to Mumbai to pursue their careers. After settling on a flat that they could rent, they wanted to purchase furniture to make it a home to live in comfortably. Their first priority was the wardrobe. Without one, they risked damaging their clothes they would wear to the office.

The Online Search and the Solution on the Website

As youngsters, they were quite savvy about first checking the online medium to get more information about furniture. They browsed our website, considered different options, and chose our Nicholas 4 Door Wardrobe.


They had already checked all its details: the material, the space needed to keep it, the space inside and its capacity to store their necessities, its ergonomics, and all its other features. They were looking for a wardrobe that could store all their clothes, books, and documents. They knew that the Nicholas 4 Door Wardrobe met their requirements.

They finalised the product and checked our “Locate Store” tab to explore the Durian store closest to them.

Look for a flat to rent out. After getting the flat as per their requirement next step to purchase the furniture for the home.

The Showroom Visit

The two visited us the next day to check their chosen wardrobe in person to get to touch it and see if the real thing really matched what they had seen on the website.

We explained the product in detail, including specifications, and the best uses it can be put to. While listening to us talk about it, they got curious about how it’s made. And the interaction went into the details of Durian’s 4 decades of expertise in making furniture with an intent that it serves some purpose meaningfully, keeping in mind how people use it.

The Verdict about Nicholas 4 Door Wardrobe


They knew they had made a good choice and they saw it for real. The Nicholas 4 Door wardrobe perfectly complemented their bed set thanks to all its features:

  1. The white shine complemented their bed.
  2. The four doors open up to a complete storage solution with hangar space, shelves, and internal cabinets.
  3. It is also made with premium materials and finished with melamine.
  4. It’s a gorgeous piece that fits neatly into their home space.
  5. It’s suitable for all Indian homes.

The Bonus Purchase: Bid Rocker Chair

While the two were walking around to see other items in the store, they ended up buying the Bid Rocker Chair too.

Easy Payment

We also educated them about our easy installment payment method. Because both were young & new to the city, they were happy to know about this payment method which was easy on their pockets.

Free Delivery & Free Installation

They insisted that they required the delivery to happen the very next day. We promised that we would and we honoured that commitment. It was delivered and installed within 24 hours.

Relocating the Furniture to Another City

After a few years, the siblings wanted to shift to their hometown. They loved the wardrobe a lot and it was in very good condition. Because it was built as per modular design, it was easy to have it shifted.

They gave us their address and contact details. We ensured that the wardrobe reached them intact as per the best Durian guidelines for dismantling, transportation, and reassembling. Our showroom executive arranged for the service engineer from our Dehradun office to install the wardrobe to their house.

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