Start-ups tend to be very particular about their investment into their infrastructure. Since they feel constrained about how much they can afford to spend, they ask the right, tough questions to ensure they get the best.

An entrepreneur bought new chairs from us. However, for his replacement requirements, he used to buy chairs from others. We got in touch with him to find out what the problem was.

And stood out among all the options he’d been exploring for our quality and prices.

The Customer

This entrepreneur was running a startup organization that had a revenue of 2000 cr in INR.

He employed 26,000 people in 9 countries.

The person who approached us on his behalf was the President (HR & Administration) of the organization.

He was looking for chairs for one of his offices and was happy to get them from us.

However, he had a constant requirement for replacement chairs. We were surprised he chose to deal with others instead of continuing to buy from us.

The Requirement of Replacement Chairs

When we approached the President to ask if something was wrong with the chairs he’d got from us, we got to the root of the organization’s pain area.

The organization had a large number of employees. The chairs kept being circulated among all the employees and kept on breaking. This had fuelled the need to keep ordering the replacement chairs.

While the President had been happy to get the new chairs from us, he found our chairs too expensive for replacement purposes. He approached suppliers who offered him equally good looking chairs at lower prices.

Because the need for the replacement chairs was constant and in huge numbers, he felt that going for the cheaper options was far more desirable than order from us.

The Solution: Durian’s Quality and Pricing

We were confident about not just the quality we offer but the prices too.

We asked the President to do the math for himself: look at the number of new chairs he’d ordered from us and the number of chairs among these that had broken in the last one year.

We then asked him to look at the number of chairs that had broken and needed to be replaced in the last one year.

Comparing the two numbers clearly showed that the cost which they were incurring in replacing the earlier chairs with cheap chairs was actually turning out to be more expensive than buying slightly more expensive chairs from us.

The President was thus assured that Durian chairs were built for employee well-being and were meant to last longer. All our chairs were lab tested and complied with BIFMA standards which ensured these were safe and responsible office products.


The Add-ons

The President already knew of the advantage of getting the chairs from us. All our chairs are backed with 5 years warranty which includes the chair mechanism and upholstery as well.


The President then started buying the replacement chairs from us and slowly changed all the chairs to Durian chairs . Now the organisation, as a whole, doesn’t buy chairs on a regular basis and has been able to save money for the company.

Do tell us about the chairs in your office. Do they need to be replaced constantly? Let us know about your pain areas.