It is very stressful when you get up in the morning and see the numbers increasing! So to make things better for you and appreciate that you are staying at home with your family as a precautionary measure is amazing. But there comes a moment when you feel bored or are thinking what else you could do other than binge-watch your favorite series or chitchatting with all! Here are few amazing hacks or rather should say tips to keep you engaged at home and even gain something in return! This is a difficult time but you have been given a chance to slow down and watch your steps to make it more productive, relax with your family.

1. Read that pending list of E-books you have

Remember how you have a pile of books by your bed and the downloaded E-books in your kindle! It’s time to get them out and what better way to remove that bookmark and finish the unread chapters.

2. Listen to your favorite Podcasts to keep you smiling

Have you ever given Podcast a chance? Not yet then this is the time to experience the new world of podcasts and enjoy your favorite genre. There are many apps like Spotify and iTunes with great shows and you can also download them to listen to it offline.

3. Paint by numbers – Every day is a new day

Having a long lost passion or thinking to start something to distress you than painting something or the other every day is a good way. There are many painting classes like on skillshare which can be opted for and will be a good idea to start now.

4. Get into fitness regime with 30 days of Yoga

Let’s stay healthy and safe at home! People are getting together via WhatsApp and sharing their fitness regime or even taking up 30 days of fitness challenge to keep the momentum on.

5. Declutter your place for good

What’s on the top shelf or under the bed? It’s time to find out and get rid of the long-forgotten stuffs you have never been thinking about. De-cluttering helps you make space, save money and make cleaning easier.

6. Crossword and Jigsaw puzzles are good brainstorming times

There was a time when you use to love crossword and jigsaw puzzles but now again you have time to start again in fact can even plan to do one with your partner or kids etc.

7. Take up a new online course and learn something new

Its financial year-end and everyone is working from home! Doesn’t know what will happen after this month or even worried about the businesses! Meanwhile, you still have time on your side to indulge and upgrade your skills. Take up an online course to brush up your skill or add to your resume.

8. Develop interest in a new hobby

Start something new and this is the time to make plans to learn or spend time in things that gives you pleasure like gardening, cooking or photography etc.

9. DIY Activities with kids

Now you have all the time in the world to spend with your kids, help with a project or some DIY activities which were not able to do so because you have been busy all day long.

10. Good old board games for a nice family time

Let’s get on a game with family post-dinner to bond together. Get too old ways of having fun without mobile phones and the internet. Get the Monopoly, Scrabble and Ludo games out of the cupboard.

Hard times and you are coping well staying at home and encouraging others to do the same, hope these ideas could give you some ideas to spend quality time at home. If you want to know the latest news then go for the authentic sites like the World Health Organization (WHO) has a dedicated In India, is the trusted site to get all the details about the ongoing situation.