“Home is where your heart is”

Every year a new chapter of life kicks off, but are you still struggling with the same home resolution. It’s time to bring the change in yourself along with your home. In the spirit of the New Year, Durian has some interesting ideas to share with you on how to set your home resolutions for the year. Home improvements can make you feel better and your home a positive place to be. Believe us, you have everything that can make your home look like the pin you have saved or the magazine you have referred to.

1. Streamline the stuff

The things you have in your place are commendable, and all you need to do is streamline it a bit. At times it so happens that we have all the elements that we are looking for in a living room but still fail to enhance it. For example, in the above living room picture, it is evident that the color combination of the living room décor is pink and blue, but the look and feel has come because the way things have been arranged and aligned.

2. Appreciate and Savor What You Have

Have you ever taken note of things that you already have at your place? Everything that defines your place is once you had wanted, like the curtains or the extra chair, and it is they’re making a difference to your interiors. Like in the above picture, you can choose to see it as a living room with the usual furniture but beauty lies in the details like you can see the cushions and curtains are matching. The floral accessories are going well with the minimal living room furniture.

3. Make it safe and sound

Here, when we say safety, it does not always mean the locks on the doors or the window sills. Here, it means adding good quality furniture for a better living and bringing value to your place. Ergonomic chairs and pillows are important these days when we talk about complete comfort, and even adding air-purifying plants in this changing climate is another such example. Bringing in small efforts like these as your New Year’s home resolutions will soon become a way of life.

4. Create a healthy and family-friendly kitchen

It’s one thing to have a healthy meal today and another to make it the way of life. Having an open kitchen brings the family into the kitchen, which makes them part of it. Making meals, enjoying it together is something you should plan and make it one of your important home resolutions this year.

5. Work out a weekly system for keeping your house clean

It is always fun having meals or watching seasons together with family, right? Then why not cleaning together be a thing with family. Make plans to clean the house over weekends to have it Instagram ready every day.

6. Spend some time on home improvement projects together

It is nice to have a personal touch to the home interiors, be it in living room décor or bedroom décor. Make personalized wall like seen in the picture as a DIY project for giving your place a personal touch.

7. Get your space organized

It is good to declutter your place this New Year’s, but keeping it the same way is the toughest of all. You should invest time in going through blogs, YouTube videos to make life easier by organizing all your stuff most efficiently. Invest in this habit to avoid struggling in the morning to find your essentials.

8. Go Green

Did you know the UN proclaims 2020 as the year to recognize and protect plant health! This is something you should invest time this year inviting new plants, flowering ones, and even succulents home as a part of your family. This year instead, have a natural air purifier at home with real plants which will also be a good living room décor as well.

9. Make me corner

It’s about time to keep your phone aside and pay attention to yourself by indulging in some “me” time at home with just a cup of tea reading a book and relaxing for a while after a long day. Add a furniture change to your living room or lounge corner by investing in a nice recliner chair or lounge chair where you introspect or relax for a while.

10. Make your place more welcoming

A home, its interiors and the color combinations, etc. reflect your personality and the way you décor it or keep it organized makes it more welcoming for anyone who visits you. With the sense of style, you bring to your home décor is what makes your visitor feel the warmth and welcoming.

Inculcating all the above resolutions in your everyday life can bring in positive vibes. Making these things the ways of life or rather say you make it a habit and could bring in a discipline will make your place a positive. Explore your style of furniture at www.durian.in.