If you have a relatively larger room available for a sofa, you could consider in an L-shaped one.

If you tend to entertain visitors and guests frequently, you’d need to look at L-shaped sofas more closely.

Here are 10 steps you must take while considering an L-Shaped Sofa for your home. These steps take into consideration extra elements you must keep in mind – the kind that are not mandatory while buying regular sofas.

What is an L-Shaped Sofa?

An L-shaped sofa has a long regular sofa – for example, a 3 seater. But apart from such a 3 seater, it also has a chaise.

This chaise is an add-on – it generally doesn’t have a backrest. The word chaise comes from “chaise lounge”.

Depending on which side of the main sofa seater the chaise would be, an L-shaped sofa is categorized as left hand facing and right hand facing.

L-shaped Sofa by Durian

Types of L-Shaped Sofa

There are 4 types of L-shaped sofas:

  1. Stationary
  2. Reclining
  3. Modular
  4. Convertible

Steps to Follow While Buying an L-Shaped Sofa

  1. Measure the area of the room in which you want to position your sofa.
  2. Ensure that you have sufficient space for moving around the sofa.
  3. Ensure the sofa’s measurements – its length and breadth – align well with your room.
  4. Decide which type of L-shape suits you best – left hand facing or right hand facing – after you have the measurements of the room.
  5. Check if the sofa position, including that of the chaise, is in line with the entertainment unit in the sofa – if you’re going to position it around TV etc.
  6. Have a rough estimate of how many people would roughly be using the sofa during regular non-entertaining days. Keep in mind how frequently you entertain visitors and guests at home.
  7. Explore your choices:

a. modular sofa can be rearranged

b. reclining sofas allow you to recline

c. stationary sofas stay fixed in one place

d. convertible sofas can be converted to a bed.

8. If buying a convertible sofa, measure your room to understand the space that would be covered by the sofa             once it is unfolded.

9. Choose the upholstery – fabric is common while leather tends to be premium.

10. Choose upholstery that is dark-coloured, or at least stain-proof. You may want to consider the décor of the             room too while deciding on the colour.

Following these 10 steps will ensure that you don’t end up with a product that doesn’t align with your room area.

Let us know about your L-shaped sofa. Do you intend to get one? Or, if you already have one, how did you go about buying one?