The world is evolving and changing every day, so are we. Then why are the offices still stuck with the old fashioned interiors, when computers entered our workspace, offices started adapting like functional desks, huge conference rooms, and lighting, etc. But that was 10-15 years ago. Since then we have changed from computers to laptop and palmtop but office furniture is still the same bulky, monotonous.

Traditional Office Furniture

Now, the fact is office furniture last longer than home furniture and so the usual trend is to invest in something that is durable and good quality. But it is very monotonous and you cannot distinguish between two offices that look like.
The positive side of the traditional office furniture is that durability, luxurious quality and huge ones which can be also seen as upcycling, which is good for the environment.
But nowadays we spend more than 9 hours in the office every day. So, technically it is like our second home. Things are changing from a 9-5 job it has become 9-9.
Every day looking at the same old dull looking furniture won’t make one productive or focused rather will make employees dull to work in such an environment. But when we talk about bringing colors to offices just raises a lot of eyebrows because usually bright offices are restricted to design house or real estate offices. It’s about time to bring the change and make room for beautiful interiors to the corporate offices.

Modern Office Furniture

We are in an age where people spend a good amount of time researching or deciding over wall colors. So, now it’s time to focus on our dull or white offices. A workplace needs to offer a diverse range of work areas, which can be achieved through different contemporary office furniture layouts.
Following are some essential design elements to consider for modern office furniture:
1. Space: According to the space available divide the area and choose the right furniture to fit different functions. Keeping it spacious and airy for everyone.
2. Form: Think about getting functional furniture which will enhance people to work better. Like ergonomic chairs and compact storage which are practical and comfortable.
3. Flow: The layout of the departments and the workflow is important to keep in mind while arranging the office furniture. Accommodating proper flow and having designated areas for managing team easier and work better.
4. Color: Color wheel affects mood. Contrast color inspires productivity, creativity while neutral colors relax and have a calm effect which helps in managing stress levels
5. Light: Natural light or appropriate lighting is required to maximize productivity and it has to independent for each area. Because not everywhere you want the same intensity of light. In the lounge or lobby area, there can be yellow lights to make a calm surrounding.

With keeping these pointers in mind, now even, corporate offices can be interesting with mesmerizing décor. Let’s change our offices and make it more welcoming to look forward to every day!