You must be thinking what is this all about, as you are busy and if these ways are easy to adapt, then it will defiantly bring a change in your work life. There has been a lot of research and now people are interested to know about the things they can do other than diet and exercise to make life easier and manageable in the long run. Workspace wellbeing is the talk of the town these days and the following tips can help achieve the work-life balance that will help us to perform better and focus more.

1. Multitasking is not a good idea

We are always short of time, 24 hours is not enough for the life we lead, and so we tend to multitask a lot sitting in our office chairs. We are having access to so many gadgets that it is convenient but at the same time, not a good practice for the mind and body. The fact is usually due to multitasking, and we tend to slow the whole process of all the work in hand.

2. Relax for 10 minutes every 90 minutes

We have heard about this a lot, but have we been practicing this at all? We actually should because you don’t know the impact those 10 minutes have on us. Let’s first try for a week and find out ourselves if this helps us concentrate better. Let’s get up from our office chair and take that breath in time for the better.

3. Work with your circadian rhythms

Remember how you use to get good grades because we use to work in our time zone. So, just because we are bound to office hours won’t get us to perform any better. Will it? Make the change to utilize the peak work time sitting on the office chair and being productive.

4. Use all your senses

This is new for sure; the brain tends to get bored looking at the dull office walls. Therefore, make the office desk or cabin attractive and colorful to make your brain entertaining. Add colorful notepads, highlighters, different colored pens etc. to the desk and see how it improves the enthusiasm around.

5. Buy a good office chair

We always forget to consider the office chair in our workspace. It is the most ignored furniture in the office. But it’s time to give the poor thing a chance to make us feel better, and Ergonomic office chairs are a must to get the correct posture. Bringing this change will help the spinal cord to be relaxed and will also help in reduces health hazards.

These are a few ideas that can help improve your work-life balance. Let’s commit and try them at least once! Let’s make the workplace positive and comfortable for us. Start with the ergonomic office chairs today! Find the perfect one at