As work and office return to normal after the pandemic and the lockdown, we, at Durian, have felt the urge to do our own bit to make offices safe and hygienic to work in.

Everyone will feel the need to continue to work together. But how do with address the need to interact face to face to come up with better ideas?

We can make still come together with changes to office furniture. Here is the vision Durian has – a glimpse of the new infrastructure every office should have after Covid-19.

Protective Furniture for the New Age Office

Covid-19 has made all of us sensitive to the need for maintaining social distancing and maintain hygiene as well.

In this context, the protective furniture for the new age office should:

  1. Allow everyone to safeguard their boundaries
  2. Allow for easy flow of communication
  3. Let everyone interact smoothly
  4. Provide safety to all
  5. Help in maintaining social distancing
  6. Help in avoiding direct contact
  7. Enable exchange of items like documents and courier

Presenting Durian’s Protective Furniture

Durian is launching a new series to help you create a safe work environment.

Our Screens and Partitions will ensure your work does not stop.

Transparent acrylic sheets will provide you enough visibility for interaction.

Portable partitions will help you maintain privacy and safety

Portable partitions will help you maintain privacy and safety.

All items are quick to install and easy to use.

All Screens and Partitions are highly customizable as per the shape, size, length, width, and height of your already existing furniture.

Take a Look: Office Furniture after Covid-19

Durian’s new protective furniture comes in two materials: acrylic and engineered wood.


Acrylic materials will help you maintain transparency, especially in situations where face to face interactions are needed (like discussions and meetings). Acrylic is:

  1. Easy to Clean
  2. Scratch-proof
  3. Some options can double up as marker boards.

Boards are laminate and pre-laminated boards. They can be used in situations that require privacy and an ability to focus quietly without possibilities of distraction. Things that you must know about boards include the following:

  1. Laminate boards are anti-bacterial.
  1. Pre-laminated boards are available in a variety of colours to match with your décor.
  1. Portability helps you in making the best use of space.

Unfolding New Age Office

Take a tour of your new office.

1. Protective Interspace Screen for all your tables in the meeting room, cafeteria and discussion tables.

a. Rectangle

Protective interspace screen rectangle

b. Protective Interspace Screen – Round

Round protective inrerspace screen

c. Protective Interspace Screen – Big 

Big protective interspace screen

Especially for Conference Room Tables.

2. Sneeze safe Screen for Manager Desk, Bank & Retail Counters, & Security Cabins.

a. Without Opening

Without spening sneeze safe screen

b. Sneeze Safe Screen – C Shape

C shape sneeze safe screen

c. Sneeze Safe Screen – with an Opening

With an opening sneeze safe screen furniture

d. Sneeze Safe Screen – for Counters

for ounters sneeeze safe screen

3. Portable Screen for Workstations.

a. Big

Big protable screen for warkstation

b. Portable Screen – Small

Small portable screen

4. Secure Side Screen for extra protection on the sides.

Secure Side Screen for extra protection on the sides.

a. Secure Side Screen – Open Workstation

Secure Side Screen – Open Workstation

b. Secure Partition Extension

Secure Partition Extension

Sorting out your furniture will let you sort out other things related to regular work.

Small additions make a big difference.

Let us know what you think. How do you visualize your new age office? What role does furniture play in it?

Connect with us here for more details. Let us talk about how to customise solutions to your office.