Going back to the office will require all founders, CEOs, managers, and all leaders to become vigilant about the safety of themselves, their employees, and their customers.

You’ll need to have a new Standard Operating Procedure to take care of everyone’s safety. It should cover all measures for ensuring sanitation and well-being.

While these measures were taken for granted earlier, they should be everyone’s priority now. Everyone should be alert about the chances of contagion and its impact on health.

We believe that “clean everything” is not as simple as it looks. Our lists of  “clean everything”  literally covers everything.

Hands of a person cleaning or disinfecting the laptop while wearing the blue gloves

Through this blog, we seek to share a list of 5 things that can help all corporates everywhere to make it easier for them to adjust to the new normal, as they say.

SOP for Office

  1. Start with ventilation.

Ventilate the office premises thoroughly and throughout the day.

Coronavirus scare has pushed the world to stay hygienic everywhere. Proper ventilation in your office improves air quality and reduces the chances of spreading airborne diseases.


  1. Keep the following things ready as your sanitation equipment.

You’ll need things to sanitize your office:

  1. Cleansing Solution
  2. Trigger spray
  3. Small foggier mist spray machine
  4. Sanitizer pump bottles
  5. Cleaning fabrics
  6. Cleaning roll

Sanitising your office needs you to have all the equipment necessary. This list is enough to keep your office safe.


  1. Use proper sanitizing solutions to clean your office:

These are only recommendations. Make the best use of what is available to you

  1. Sodium hypochlorite
  2. Lizol
  3. Dettol
  4. Alcohol
  5. Surf or any detergent powder

Use proper sanitizing solutions to clean your office

  1. Sanitize the following with a cleansing solution twice a day:

Now that you have the right equipment and the right solution, you can go ahead to cleanse different things and spaces in your office. Some of these things and spaces are:

  1. Hard surfaces
  2. Floor
  3. Meeting rooms (before & after every meeting)
  4. Washrooms (including floor, walls & taps)
  5. Pantry
  6. Water tanks
  7. Door handles
  8. Main entry gate
  9. Reception area
  10. Water storage tank
  11. Trash bins


 two hands with yellow gloves and disinfectant spray to clean the door knob

  1. Keep all hygiene-related things handy for people to use.

This includes:

  1. Sanitizers in the reception area, pantry & meeting rooms
  2. Hand wash dispensers
  3. Tissue rolls

Sanitisation should be done with different materials that should be present in your office for regular disinfection purposes.

We hope these 5 things make your transition to the office after lockdown easy. Let us know about the things you are following you are office.