The main door will be always a part of one’s first impressions. That’s what people see first. It plays a huge role in forming an impression about the household and the owner and speaks of:

  1. Homeowner’s stature
  2. His tastes
  3. His character
  4. His contemporary or traditional mind-set
  5. Likewise, about the household

Let us look at how certain features of the main door of a house form an impression on visitors:

1. Doors that are heavy, robust and big i.e. tall and wide:

Brown entryway door

The tall and robust main door speaks not only about a secured entry; it also speaks of authority and stature the house owner possesses.

It may show that the house owner is farsighted in character and has put in a lot of thoughts, making the door wide enough to allow everything into the house.

A wide main entrance is very welcoming to all and shows how open-minded and welcoming the family head and the family is.

2. Doors that are designed with minimum frills:

Minumum designed brown door

Again, a minimum design of the main entrance speaks of the understanding and clear perception of the house owner.

This also shows how focussed and uncompromising the house owner is on security issues and prioritizes security over everything and shows his deep concern on the single-point agenda to keep the family safe.

3. Doors that contain necessary functional features

Functinal feature light brown doors

a. To see who is at the door

b. Be selective about giving entry

c. Feel secured

Such functional attributes incorporated as per the contemporary technology shows that the house owner and the family is progressive and liberal as this equipment like a door camera, a built-in two-way communication system are expensive.

If someone has installed them all, it means these are not seen as a fancy expense but as a necessity.

The house owner wants to be sure that the security of the house is not compromised. We hope that you will find this interesting and food for thought about your own main door.

Tell us about what you’ve noticed about other people’s doors.