A very popular idiom, that the first impression is the last impression, is nonetheless applicable to the door of your home, as much as it is to you. After all, the first thing anyone would notice before entering your home is the front door. Oh, we are not talking about people who secretly enter your homes through the windows though.

So, the first thing that people entering your homes through the front doors, would notice is the door itself. A lot can be said about the kind of person one is from the kind of the door of his home. So, what kind of a door should one have in one’s house? Undoubtedly a door that is safe, stable and stylish.

Let’s talk about 3 Things about Doors one by one.

1. Safety:

The front door of one’s home should definitely offer safety to the people living inside the home. No one would want an uninvited guest to enter their home.

‘Khulja Sim Sim’ kind of doors, are only good to see on silver screen and not in reality. The importance of having a safe front door cannot be underestimated. A front door should not only offer security from thefts but it should make an invited guest feel warm and delighted.  Factors that determine the safety of a door are the material used for making a door, its heaviness and the locking system. 

Also, the inside doors of your homes and rooms should nonetheless offer security and privacy but also should be appealing and well finished. They should complement the furniture and interiors of your homes.

The current coronavirus environment has reiterated the need for this feature. Safe and secure front doors and inside doors would ensure that one maintains social distancing while collecting any deliverables delivered at home. Hence, doors that can be unlocked through biometrics or switches instead of keys and locks will probably be the ones demanded in future. Nowadays many people have started installing cameras over the doors to know who is at the door, before opening the door, which enables an added level of safety to their homes.


2. Stability:

Front and inside doors should also be stable. A stable door ensures that the door cannot be easily tampered with. 

It is important that a door is firmly stable in its place so that no thieves can with the use of any equipment break it down. The quality of material used for building a door will decide its stability and durability. Hence, there is a need to ensure that doors are made up of such material that makes the door stable and safe from invaders. 

3. Styles:

Doors are available in various styles as of today which fulfils many uses. You must have seen some or all of these at some point without knowing the names!

  • Single-Leaf Door

The singe-leaf door is the most popular. A single-leaf door is made up of a single rigid panel, filling the doorway.

  • Double- Leaf Door

There are also double-leaf doors or double door and French windows – both of which are minor modifications to the single leaf door designs. The double-leaf doors come with two adjacent independent panels, which are hinged on both sides of the doorway.

Double leaf door

  • Dutch door

A Dutch door is also known as a stable door or half door is usually divided into half horizontally. The top half is conventionally designed to be a means of feeding a horse or another animal, while the bottom half is always closed to keep the animals from escaping. This style of door is being used in a lot of homes today.

  • Saloon doors

Salon doors are also known as cafe doors. These doors use bidirectional hinges, which make it possible for the door to open and close in any direction. Opening/ closing is made possible through the incorporating springs. Saloon doors are two lightweight swing doors that have been combined. Batwing doors are chest-level or knee-level saloon doors.

  • Jib Doors

In Jib doors, Gibb doors or Blind doors, the trim or operable components are not visible. The design is made in such a way that the door blends with the adjacent wall. They are nothing but camouflaged doors which are made to look like a part of the wall.

  • French doors

French doors are either installed as single doors, in matching pairs or in series. The design comes with a frame around one or many panels which are either translucent or transparent.


When these doors are installed in matching pairs, they are called French windows. Two French doors (or a French window) do not include the use of a central mullion. This makes it possible to open the door wide and with ease. The door of a French window usually opens outward and leads into a balcony, porch, terrace, or a garden entrance.

French Doors

  • False doors

False doors are disguised as windows but actually are just wall decorations. These doors were commonly used in tombs in the ancient Egyptian architecture, which represented entry to the afterlife. 

      Thus, the three most important things about doors that you must know to get the best door for yourself are that the doors must be Safe, Stable and Stylish: the 3S’s of doors.

We hope these 3S’s helped you select the best door for your home, or advise someone in need.

What’s your door like when compared to these 3 parameters? Do share your thoughts.