When you have visitors and guests come over, you’d like them to have a good impression about you and your space.

Once they are allowed entry you would like them to feel comfortable, especially if they’ve got to wait till you or somebody else attends to them.

Your entryway is the area visitors explore on their way into your premises.

Keeping it dull and dusty may not give the most positive vibes to your visitors.

This blog would help you think about the entryway in your premises. To get rid of any negativity and bring in a sense of aesthetics, warmth and charm instead.

But first, let’s take a look at what’s already there in the entryway.

Generally, these 4 things are found in the entryways:

1. Space for shoes
2. Storage furniture (like shoes) that doubles up as table to keep stuff on
3. Fountains or waterfalls
4. Some source of light

Do you have these items there? Examine them for any dust. Or from the point of the viewer, check if they put across the right message about you?

If not, you can get rid of everything that does not convey comfort and your personality.

Now consider relevant options that provide some functional purpose as well as look aesthetic. Make a list of all these items and dedicate the right space for them.

You’ll find your options fall into 2 broad categories:

1. Things that serve functional purpose
2. Things that carry an aesthetic appeal

Mix and match according to the space available. Let’s turn to each of these.

Things that serve functional purpose

1. Shoe cabinets

This piece sets the tone of impression regarding the remaining furniture in your premises. Pick something large to accommodate all footwear neatly instead of choosing something that is too small compelling you to leave shoes lying around.

Brown solid wood Shoe cabinet with many shoes

2. Bench with storage beneath

A bench with storage beneath serves 3 purposes: accommodating the visitors, letting them keep their baggage, and helping you store certain items (like a bowl for keys) too.

If you have more space available, you can look for a table console too. It’ll let you store more things comfortably and add to the ambience you want to create.

White bench with storage beneath

3. Light

Depending on the space available, you can have chandeliers, ceiling lights, or table lights in your entryway. The illumination will let you wear or remove your shoes comfortably too on your way in or out.

chandeliers or ceiling light is lighting the entryway of the house

Things that carry an aesthetic appeal

1. Welcome mat

A door mat is generally seen as a necessary item outside the premises. You can go a step further and think of placing a welcome mat in the entryway. You can select one that matches the colors of your walls or the theme of your décor.

2. Oversize mirror or art

Mirrors add a feel of spaciousness and plenitude in a space. Consider adding an oversize one if the entryway is a little narrow like a corridor. Wall art in the form of paintings is a good idea too. Hang a piece that exudes a warm welcome or leaves a strong impression on a visitor.

3. Plants

Real or artificial plants both add to the ambience. Succulents need very little natural elements to grow. Consider adding plants to produce a homely feeling, attracting positive attitudes of trust and health.

4. Textiles

Furnishing for curtains, using cushions in the sitting area, placing rugs on the floor, or using textiles creatively as wall art can give the entryway the right warm and cozy feel.

The entryway bridges your inner space with the outside space. It’s also the starting point for your furniture when it comes to setting the ambience.

Design it keeping in mind functionality to get the best aesthetic look. You’ll never regret your decision. Share your examples of what all you think looks good in the entryway. We’d love to hear from you.