It’s that time of the year again when the holiday vibes slowly enter your life, and you’re instantly in a festive mood! Christmas is almost here and what’s better than the festival itself? CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS! If your holiday aesthetics are getting as merry as ours and you cannot wait for your house to look ready for the cosiest festival of the year, continue reading for some Christmas home decor ideas!

1. Understated Glitz

Whether or not you have a huge Christmas tree, adding matte gold to your living room is a great way to add a bit of understated glitz – this could be in the form of golden candles, coasters, or even a cushion. But if you do have a tree, gifts wrapped in gold will instantly lift your holiday spirit.

2. Christmassy Kitchen

This festival is all about friends, family and lots of yummy food, so why should your kitchen not be decorated? By just adding a bit of white and red, you can bring in some holiday cheer into your kitchen! Take a look at this for inspiration.

3. Holiday Tabletop

With very minimum efforts, your dinner table can look ready for the best Christmas dinners! Add a candy cane, get some fairy lights and voila! You’re all set!

4. Snowy Abode

It’s not necessary that it will snow where you live but a white Christmas is desirable for all! Getting a white Christmas tree and decorating it with streamers and ornaments will be the best way to have a snowy vibe at your house. Try keeping this tree

These tips should be enough for you to turn your house into a picture-perfect home from a Christmas movie! You can shop for home décor online from