Vastu shastra is the ancient wisdom of harnessing the energy of the universe to attract positive vibes in your personal space. Let us look at how its principles can help you make a good decision when it comes to finalising the direction of the door for your home.

In the 5.4 million doors we’ve installed so far, we’ve noticed that homeowners are concerned about ways of bringing positivity into their homes. As designers and makers of doors, we’ve been mindful of these concerns. After all, these are principles we need to keep in mind when designing our doors.

Countless conversations about the exact location of doors has helped us interact with the vastu experts consulted by homeowners. So here are some interesting insights we’ve arrived at after being a part of these consultations.

Importance of directions in vastu shastra

Brown colored Veneer Door

Each direction has its unique properties in vastu shastra. Understanding these properties can help you decode the rationale behind the directions recommended for the main door by vastu shastra.

      1. North: North is seen as a direction of wealth and prosperity.
      2. South: South is seen as a direction of the Yama, the God of Death.
      3. West: West is seen as a direction of stability.
      4. East: East is seen as a direction of growth.

Apart from these 4 main directions, there are these sub-directions. Here goes:

  1. North east: This direction is seen as special for prosperity, health, wealth, and growth in knowledge and spirituality.
  2. South east: This direction stands for fire.
  3. South west: This direction brings energy, confidence and fame.
  4. North west: This direction energises opportunities. Ideal directions for your main door according to vastu shastra

Now that you are familiar with the 8 directions and their symbolic power, let’s turn to the directions that are ideal for the front door of your home. There are 5 directions that are most recommended.

1. North east: As a direction that stands for prosperity, it is uniquely suited for placing your front door.
2. North: As a direction of wealth and prosperity, placing your front door in the north can attract a lot of positive vibes.
3. East: East stands for growth. Having your main door there energises the entry of growth into your home.
4. South east: Because south east stands for fire, one needs to be extremely cautious while placing the front door here. When done correctly, it can help immensely.
5. North west: As a direction of opportunities, north west is suited for the front door.

The logic behind recommending these directions is that the front door witnesses a lot of coming and going. Its location needs to be strategised to let a lot of positive energy come in. That’s why except for South and West, most directions work well for placing your front door.

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