With the rise in remote working, the need for keeping the entire team on the same page has been quite a challenge for organizations. All the other problems interfering with productivity and profitability circle back to an unhappy team. In this blog, we talk about how to address the issues faced by a disgruntled team by redefining your workplace itself.

Your team is your greatest asset. It drives your innovation, delivers your targets, and carries the brunt of adverse consequences too if anything goes wrong.

That’s why it’s important to keep your team happy, satisfied and willing to work together. Which means it’s important to keep your team willing to get back to office as much as possible.

Working in Office

Let’s be honest. Blended work style is here to stay. In contrast to the traditional work-only-from-office setup which was seen as a prison of some sorts with no escape from fixed rules and timings, work-from-home has proved to be at least a mixed blessing, if not an outright win.

While it’s great and comfortable to be at home, it poses certain obvious challenges to the organizations and even to the team members themselves. The most important of these challenges is the problems team members face in coordination and collaboration with others.

As it turns out, it is possible for you to bring your team together more often to the workplace by being a little more mindful about the way you hold interactions.

The following ideas should be able to help you to make it easier for your team to office and be happy as they do so.

1. Drive engagement all the time. Make the office space welcoming and engaging. Create spaces where people can come together to sit and talk. Perhaps your cubicles and cabins are stopping them from being together even if they are together in the office.

2. Ensure you don’t let them feel isolated. It’s very easy to feel physically as well as psychologically isolated while working remotely and digitally. Redefine your office interactions to help them feel welcomed and wanted.

3. Encourage taking breaks. Breaks help people put some distance between them and the problem they are trying to solve. Create spaces where they can relax when they want to.


4. While you bring them together, make them autonomous about decisions regarding their work time and duration. Let them decide the days and time they want to come. Create a space booking or alert system whereby everyone in the team and in the office understands who is coming when.

5. Provide a stimulating environment. An interesting team ready to take on challenges is the one that can benefit a lot from the right kind of intellectual and sensual stimulation. Some offices have art in their space while others have nature and greenery around them to ease the overload experienced by people when under stress or overworked.

6. Give people the privacy they deserve. While it’s good to be together to meet, brainstorm, think, and talk, it is also important to be left alone. Have your office reflect that.


Your team size and hierarchy will be able to help you customize these thoughts when it comes to redefining your organization. Talking to your team can alert you to the specific challenges they are facing. You can then come to your unique ideas about redefining your office space to keep your team happy. You have larger goals to meet as an organization. A good team will go a long way in helping you achieve them.

To let your ideas for a happier team and a happier workplace come to life, get in touch with our staff in the Durian store near you.